House Rules

Alternate totem for the Barbarian class: Goose

Level 3:

Goose. While raging, creatures that engage you have disadvantage on the first melee attack roll they make against you in the same turn.

Level 6:

Goose. You gain the amphibian nature of the Goose. You have advantage on all the Strength (Athletics) or Constitution (Athletics) checks related to swimming. You have a swimming speed of 20ft. You have advantage on CON rolls to hold your breath. (see pg. 177 PHB) You can hold your breath three times longer than normal. (see pg. 183 PHB)

Level 14:

Goose. When you are raging you can waterwalk. If you do nothing but waterwalk (i.e. you’re not in combat and the normal conditions for ending rages apply) you can still use this power for the full minute and execute the Dash action.

Item Identification

I will be using the Variant Rule for item identification in the DMG, pg. 136, from now onward. This means a short rest does not grant identification of an item – either experimentation or the identify spell are required to reveal the actual magical properties.


Torches do 1d6 fire damage. Proficiency for them is either in Simple Weapons or Clubs. Neither DEX nor STR convey a modifier bonus. They are also light weapons and you can wield one in each hand according to the usual rules.

Torches must be lit in order to not be considered (bad) clubs. Duh. ;)

House Rules

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