Leavendale Murder Mystery

One person has been murdered, another one is missing, presumed dead, and another is assumed dead without having the body as evidence.

The first incident happened at the Grendelstuir farmstead. Urgmer Grendelstuir, the heir to the farm, has been murdered. A headless horseman was seen as he threw the head of the dead Urgmer right on the dinner table at dusk. He was seen by the aunt and the grandmother, respectively.

Grendelstuir farmstead is located east of Leavendale, on a hilltop.

The next day on Bruildir farmstead, Aennwyn, the maiden daughter, was taken away by the horseman from her room. She was promised to Urgmer and this was her supposed wedding day. She had been mourning in her room.

Bruildir farmstead is located southeast of Leavendale, near a forest.

The third and final incident happened at Hurneson farmstead. Wulffhard, a hired hand, was missing from the stable he was sleeping in. There was blood everywhere and the horseman was seen riding that night.

Hurneson farmstead is located south of Leavendale, near a marsh.

The sheriff’s men searched the area for four consecutive days and had to break off the search to return to their patrol duty. All three people are presumed dead, the populace is scared.

The fourth victim was Simeon, the second son of the Hurneson’s. He was killed by the rider just in front of his sister Hilda. The rider came out of the fog and used a big sword.

The next night the rider killed Helmut at the Grendelstuir’s farmstead

Here is the solution of “The Leavendale Murder Mystery”:
Wulffhard and Aennwyn felt in love. But Aennwyn should marry Urgmer. The night before the arranged marriage, Wulffhard and Urgmer met in the forest nearby the Bruildir’s farmstead. But all went wrong. At the end Wulffhard killed Urgmer by a stroke on his head. Wulffhard had no idea what to do, but Aennwyn remembered the tale of the headless rider Wulffhard had told her once. So they beheaded Urgmer and brought his body to an arcane cave in the neighbourhood of the Bruildir’s farm. They staged Urgmer’s dead by the headless rider, Aennwyn’s kidnapping and Wulffhard’s disappearance. After Aennwyn ran away from home she hid in the cave they brought Urgmer’s body the day before. But instead of her beloved Wulffhard she met there “the Crow”, an evil and powerful witch. The witch caught Aennwyn. When Wulffhard reached the cave some days later he had to suffer the same cruel fate. “The Crow” awoke Urgmer’s body to live and used him as her headless rider, who brought the people in and around Leavendale panic, death and fear. Aennwyn and Wulffhard should be sacrificed in a dark ritual. This ritual should take place at the next new moon and after this ritual the headless rider would be nearly indestructible.

Leavendale Murder Mystery

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