Fellowship of the Goose

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Leaving the room with the cursed spears behind the fellowship of the goose reached a partial collapsed sector, but someone had cleaned the main tunnel from the gravel. Behind this obstacle a spiral staircase was leading down deeper into the darkness. At the bottom they entered the chamber where they had fought the skeletons during the first exploration. But the remains were gone and instead four muscular humanoid corpses in chainmail lay in front of the exit. “Oh, it’s safe” said Gil and walk in the direction of the dead bodies. When Gil tried to pass them one arm grabbed his belt and all corpses rose up. With her holy symbol Braenn banned the undead. Three of them fled into the next chamber, only the one attached to Gil’s belt didn’t escape. After a short struggle Gil freed himself by undressing his belt. Swinging a morning star in one hand and Gil’s belt in the other hand the zombie attacked the group. A hard combat later the monster was hacked into pieces, but all fellows had suffered during the fight. So they decided to use a better tactic against the remaining undead. In the narrow tunnel connecting this room with the next one they wanted to fight their enemies one by one. John ‘the tank’ blocked the tunnel with his body and shield while Timo, Braenn and Gil used their cantrips and spells for attacking. Their plan really worked well, but after the first undead went down the two others departed out of sight. So John walked into the next room. Immediately after stepping out of the tunnel, two morning stars hit the fighter. The zombies had just hidden behind the corner. Overwhelmed by two opponents John only could step back and dodge. After the undead were hit with some spells and bolts they suddenly retreated deeper into the chamber. A metallic clicking alarmed the team when entering the room. A four feet tall Halfling-like creature was standing in the middle of the room. It was covered in cooper bars. Each of its two arms ended in one dagger blade. With a single crystal focus on his forehead the being was searching the area. Gil recognized the monster from descriptions; it was a magic abomination of Gornum- the Halfling assassin. The two remaining zombies hid in the shadows behind Gornum. The fight started, but Braenn, Timo, Gil and John were affected by the magical eye. The frightening aura paralyzed everybody looking into it. Timo even lost control over his body and ran away. John noticed that this effect was based on vision and did a blind attack but missed the target. Then John had an idea, he took his last bottle of lantern oil and smashed it on Gornum’s head. The crystal was completely spilled with the opaque liquid. This maneuver disabled the magic power of the Halfling. Timo who had recovered control over his body again shapeshifted into a tiger. With claws and teeth he broke the crystal. In the moment it was destroyed Gornum’s lifeless body fell to the ground. With Gornum’s death the necromantic spell ended and the two remaining undead turned into lifeless corpses again. John collected the pieces of the crystal and after a short rest the group continued the journey. In the next chamber the path was splitting. One way passed through the magic arc where Ambrose had killed Marigold and second exit lead to the room with the fountain and the horizontal shaft. They entered the chamber with the fountain and the shaft. Braenn investigated the shaft and noticed some tracks in the dust. So they climbed into the dark hole; Drugo and Magellan had vanished fifteen years ago but only Drugo had returned. After some meters of crawling the shaft ended in a circular room. On the other side of the room they spot a big black opening in the wall. In the middle of the room the floor was covered with slimy moos. After entering the room the moos started to move. It swelled and finally got the shape of a six-feet tall cone. Two humanoid arms and a head with elven ears popped out at the top of the cone. When the face turned into their direction they recognized it – it was Magellan. “I will never say something homophobic” promised Gil when Magellan’s cold and magical gleaming eyes touch him. “You left me her to die!” shouted Magellan’s corpse. When the slimy plant slid in the direction of the group, John lost his nerve and fired one silvered arrow at it. The thing was hardly injured but magical revived Magellan attacked the fellowship with spells. During combat the group noticed that the weak point of the plant was fire. Timo cast ‘Faerie Fire’ and John got ready for the final strike…
…to be continued



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