Fellowship of the Goose

Treat it with fire!

After escaping from the cave due to Braenn’s silence spell, team regrouped in the tunnel. A sever discussion about the next steps started. John proposed to bait the monsters to the small entrance of the cave. Drugo and Timo disagreed with this tactic, because they feared that the monsters could outrun them and perhaps even could escape from the tunnel system. Timo suggested not to do hack and slay but to use stealth for further exploration. All except John agreed in this strategy. Timo first wanted to get rid of John’s disgusting smell. Therefore he started to cast water, but stopped before finishing because the small amount of water created by the spell only would blur the dirt covering John. With “Prestidigitation” he progressively cleaned John, but for sensible nose his stink wasn’t gone at all. Using capital eta formation the fellowship entered the cave and sneaked along the western wall. After about ten minutes of march Drugo, who was in front spotted a greenish glow in a distance of about 60 feet. The group stopped to have a closer look. In the silence of their rest a clicking noise was in evidence. This sound reminded Drugo of a beast with claws walking on the floor. Alarmed by this noise they continued the walk along the wall without approaching to the mysterious light. A short time later they noticed a heap on the floor. Sneaking closer they saw that the heap was a corpse. The naked humanoid creature lay face down and a big black beetle scampered over its back, but vanished in the shadow when the light cone of John’s torch reached the corpse. Braenn and John examined the body. It was a male dwarf (clearly visible by the genitals) with pale skin color. They assumed that the dwarf had lived long time beneath the earth far away from sun light. He had died less than tree days ago by a deep wound caused by claws. It seemed like someone else with more human like hands undressed him post mortem, maybe one of his companions. This person had also removed his shoes, but the size of the feet fit to the footprints of the heavy boots. Surrounded by darkness and danger they left the dwarf unburied and kept on sneaking along the cave wall. Some minutes later another heap appeared in field of view. It was the corpse of a birdlike creature with clawed hands and feet. With her medicine skill Braenn was able to detect that the monster had been killed with a slashing weapon like an axe. Therefore she assumed that the dwarf had killed the beast, but had received deadly injury during the fight. Supposing to be on the right way they continued the exploration. Ten minutes of walking later the wall of the cave turned eastward. Drugo was the first to hear the clicking noise. Something was approaching. They got ready for fight. John threw his torch to the floor to have both hands for fight. Seconds later six slater-like creatures with a chitin armature and antennas creped out of the shadow. Timo entangled two of the beasts with magic. Braenn fired a magic flame on the antennas of the creature just in front of her. But then something strange happened. When John swung his sword to kill one of the monsters he got the feeling that “Akatosh” his weapon was afraid. He never had had such a feeling before. Therefore he put the sword back and attacked the creatures with his longbow. A second later he understood why his sword was frightened by these beings. When Drugo hit one of the antennas with his axe it instantaneously rusted. In this moment Timo got an idea about that abomination of nature and shouted:” Treat it with fire!” Drugo reacted quickly and took the torch from the floor. With this improvised weapon he dealt serious damage to the beasts engaged with him. The walking tin can John attracted the attention of the creatures like a magnet. With their antennas they rusted half of John’s shield and some parts of his armor. Really angry about the damage of his armor John beat’em up with his staff. Timo, who ran out of spells, used his druidic power and transformed into a tiger. With sharp claws and fangs he mauled the enemies. When only one opponent was standing, Drugo rushed to him, swinging the torch ready for the death blow. John wanted to get the finisher and fired his bow, but the arrow hit Drugo instead of the monster. Seriously injured Halfling killed the monster with his torch. After this exhausting fight they decided to return to world above the earth. On their way back they passed the greenish glow again. They went closer to it. The light was emitted by green luminous moss. These plants grew around a blue shimmering pool. When approaching to 30 feet Drugo spotted a small creeping creature. The other didn’t notice it, but Braenn heard a lot of whispering voices. “Take me with you” whispered something in John’s ear. When he turned around to Timo, he saw that two horns grew out of the forehead of his companion. Timo realized that something was wrong with his friends and guided them back to the entrance of the cave.



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