Mother Elviet is a paragon of compassion.


The Highest Priestess of Ilvadir in Cillamar.
Teacher of Braenn.


The door was nicely carved with the pattern of big oak and was leading to the main chamber of Elviet, The Highest Priestess of Ilvadir, Goddess of Nature and Mother of Life. “Come inside my child”, she heard old but warm voice from the other side. She opened slowly the heavy door and carefully went inside. In a big chamber, behind a massive wooden desk Elviet was sitting on a high chair. The big furniture made the impression that the small Priestess was even tinier. “She reminds me of you, Granny. With her grey hair, paper skin and old face with unfitting young eyes. And the smile is also like yours".
Braenn was aware about the Priestess’ special gift that lets her sense other people’s thoughts. But it is something different to know about something like this than to get used to it.


Fellowship of the Goose DerKastellan