Tag: wizard


  • Brahst

    Former apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. Stole a spellbook of nature spirit conjurations from [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. Bested by the Fellowship of the Goose when retrieving the spellbook.

  • Ambrose

    Learned his trade as a cooper. Became an apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. [[:lorelei | Lorelei]] was his first love. Ambrose was born in a rather small village called Hommlet, located at the border with the barren …

  • Gory

    Escaped life as an indentured servant. Became an apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]] in [[ Cillamar]]. Lost both legs when the army of [[ Dragon Empire]] conquered Cillamar in OT ([[Origin Time]])+15.

  • Timotheus

    Stayed in the [[Hall of the Manticore]] in the [[Common Quarter]] before being abducted. Had tried to seek out [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]] in his search of new spells but found that he was missing. Dragged off by a ghoul cult into [[ …