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  • Cthulhu

    Beneath the waves, Cthulhu sleeps. From the Dreamlands he sends his clerics powers. One day the Sleeper, the Dreamer will awaken. When the stars are right ...


    Goddess of Nature and Mother of Life.

  • Macario

    Learned the trade of a ropemaker. Became trained as a warrior in the city watch of [[Cillamar | Cillamar]]. Almost died in taking down [[:brahst | Brahst]] and the Dark Fey.

  • Ponn

    Started live as a beggar. Became a priest of uncaring [[Cthulhu]]. Made contact to the [[King of Beggars]] in [[Cillamar | Cillamar]].

  • Braenn

    Braenn took a deep breath and knocked on the wooden door. The door was nicely carved with the pattern of big oak and was leading to the main chamber of [[:elviet | Elviet]], The Highest Priestess of [[Ildavir | Ildavir]], Goddess of Nature and Mother of …

  • Gory

    Escaped life as an indentured servant. Became an apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]] in [[ Cillamar]]. Lost both legs when the army of [[ Dragon Empire]] conquered Cillamar in OT ([[Origin Time]])+15.

  • Timotheus

    Stayed in the [[Hall of the Manticore]] in the [[Common Quarter]] before being abducted. Had tried to seek out [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]] in his search of new spells but found that he was missing. Dragged off by a ghoul cult into [[ …