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  • Mystenmere

    'Mystenmere is Morrain’s window into the [[Anseur Forest | elven nation of Anseur]]. Built in the shadow of the elven wood and overlooking Valfors Bay on its western shores, it is the home of scholars, wizards, and hunters with a deep respect for the …

  • The Lost Temple

    Decorated with [[The Tipped Scales]] outside. The group fought a possessed [[:bonzur-rustlepint | Bonzur]] there. Located in a place with limited sight, as if the distances beyond 100 feet are shrouded in thickening mist. No apparent light source or …

  • Aelbuern

    Small hamlet of fishermen, west of [[Cillamar]], near a contributary of the [[Morro|river Morro]]. A cloister ruin related to the cult of [[The Tipped Scales]] is supposed to be nearby.

  • Ul Dominor Mountains

    The massive range arising east of [[Cillamar]], a natural barrier that demarks the border of the Kingdom of [[Morrain]].

  • Mountain Redoubt

    This two-story fortified building is located in the foot hills of the [[Ul Dominor Mountains | Ul Dominor Mountains]]. !(media-item-align-left)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/294683/Nemesis_Cult_Redoubt__1_.png?1392042897(Nemesis_Cult_Redoubt__1_ …

  • Leavendale

    Located at a junction between the [[Morro]] and the [[Afon-glas]]. West end of the King's Highway to [[Cillamar]].