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  • Brahst

    Former apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. Stole a spellbook of nature spirit conjurations from [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. Bested by the Fellowship of the Goose when retrieving the spellbook.

  • Ambrose

    Learned his trade as a cooper. Became an apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. [[:lorelei | Lorelei]] was his first love. Ambrose was born in a rather small village called Hommlet, located at the border with the barren …

  • Macario

    Learned the trade of a ropemaker. Became trained as a warrior in the city watch of [[Cillamar | Cillamar]]. Almost died in taking down [[:brahst | Brahst]] and the Dark Fey.

  • Ponn

    Started live as a beggar. Became a priest of uncaring [[Cthulhu]]. Made contact to the [[King of Beggars]] in [[Cillamar | Cillamar]].

  • Ricardo

    *Chapter 1* His life was a dull one. Pushed by his parents to take over their animal farm, Ricardo gave in and became a herder. Days gave way to weeks, and weeks gave way to months and years. Bored with his plain life, Ricardo always felt like …

  • Milva

    Was apprenticed to a locksmith. Made use of her trade on the streets of [[Cillamar | Cillamar]].

  • Braenn

    Braenn took a deep breath and knocked on the wooden door. The door was nicely carved with the pattern of big oak and was leading to the main chamber of [[:elviet | Elviet]], The Highest Priestess of [[Ildavir | Ildavir]], Goddess of Nature and Mother of …

  • John the Herder

    One of [[Hommlet|Hommlet's]] many shepherds. [[File:352976 | class=media-item-align-none | 438x388px | johntheherder.jpg]] Fled up a tree when enchanted deer attacked. Has a weakness for collecting heads and is a bit of a pyromaniac. [[File:305531 | …

  • Gory

    Escaped life as an indentured servant. Became an apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]] in [[ Cillamar]]. Lost both legs when the army of [[ Dragon Empire]] conquered Cillamar in OT ([[Origin Time]])+15.

  • Timotheus

    Stayed in the [[Hall of the Manticore]] in the [[Common Quarter]] before being abducted. Had tried to seek out [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]] in his search of new spells but found that he was missing. Dragged off by a ghoul cult into [[ …

  • Elmat the Naked

    Was 80 when the Fellowship encountered him in [[ Origin Time]] near [[Aelbuern | Aelbuern]]. Seems to be the leader of [[Ashwood]] druids in OT+15. Also known as "Elmat the Dwindling". Called "the Dwindling" because was born old and "loses years" i. …