Tag: cleric


  • Ponn

    Started live as a beggar. Became a priest of uncaring [[Cthulhu]]. Made contact to the [[King of Beggars]] in [[Cillamar | Cillamar]].

  • Ricardo

    *Chapter 1* His life was a dull one. Pushed by his parents to take over their animal farm, Ricardo gave in and became a herder. Days gave way to weeks, and weeks gave way to months and years. Bored with his plain life, Ricardo always felt like …

  • Braenn

    Braenn took a deep breath and knocked on the wooden door. The door was nicely carved with the pattern of big oak and was leading to the main chamber of [[:elviet | Elviet]], The Highest Priestess of [[Ildavir | Ildavir]], Goddess of Nature and Mother of …