Tag: chaotic


  • Gornum

    Assisted [[:brahst | Brahst]] in stealing the spellbook from [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond]]. Killed a herbalist in [[Cillamar | Cillamar]]. The son of the alchemist in Cillamar was killed by a dagger, maybe another victim of Gornum. Probably …

  • Ambrose

    Learned his trade as a cooper. Became an apprentice of [[:alfrond-ravenflight | Alfrond Ravenflight]]. [[:lorelei | Lorelei]] was his first love. Ambrose was born in a rather small village called Hommlet, located at the border with the barren …

  • Ricardo

    *Chapter 1* His life was a dull one. Pushed by his parents to take over their animal farm, Ricardo gave in and became a herder. Days gave way to weeks, and weeks gave way to months and years. Bored with his plain life, Ricardo always felt like …

  • Milva

    Was apprenticed to a locksmith. Made use of her trade on the streets of [[Cillamar | Cillamar]].