Fellowship of the Goose

Sand in gear

After defeating the horrible monster of the depth the group continued the exploration of Hallowbrook’s underground.

A short march later they reached a fork. One way was marked with a skeleton, the second one, leading westward was untagged. Therefor Gil volunteered for scouting this path. He asked Braenn for her magical maze to illuminate his way. Timo, Drugo, Braenn and John just saw the light disappearing in the distance and then waited for their elven friend to come back and inform them about the tunnel. After a while they heard a plopping noise. Afterward all was covered in silence – deathly silence. Timo a real friend couldn’t wait any longer and started to run deeper into the tunnel. Of course the others followed him and so the whole team run into the darkness. After half a mile Gil was still out of sight. “He couldn’t make it so far, so were is he?” was the question rattling through all minds. Braenn, with her keen senses for nature, noticed the pit of quicksand just the moment before stepping into it. So this was the answer to the question where Gil had vanished. But they had to act quick to save him from suffocation. Brave Braenn asked John for the rope, tied one end around her waist and dived into the quicksand. A hand was touching her and finally grabed her ear. When John noticed the struggling in the sand he pulled the rope. Some seconds later Braenn reapeared at the surface with Gil dangling from her ear. After catching breath again, John investigated the size of the quicksand pit. Therefor he knotted all the ropes together and tied the cooking kettel at one end. By throwing it as far as he could and drawing the kettel back until it started to sink in the sand he estimated the size of the pit to about 10 feet (3 meters). Braenn drew the scratch line and the broad jump began. Luckily all made it.

Some turns later they reached a huge round cave with the ceiling even for Gil’s elven eyes out of sight. The room was dominated by a throny black stone pillar in the middle growing from the floor up to limit of visibility in the darkness above their heads. Gil with the eye of a stonemason noticed that the material looked similar to the material of the five petrified founding fathers in Hallowbrook, but in contrast it was not coverd with petrified drops. The black stone pillar attraced the attention of the wizard Tim, too. He was able to detect that it had been enchanted by magical school of necromancy or transmutation. So this place perhaps had served for some rituals.Three tunnels left the cave in different directions.

They waryliy crossed the room and continued the investigation in the tunnel leading westwards. On both sides small chambers branched off. These chambers contained rotten and decomposed human remainings, so this chambers perhaps had served as refuge for the villager of Old Hallowbrook.

After passing 57 chambers the tunnel spiraled. Behind a turn the tunnel was collapsed and blocked by a barricade of stones and rubble that didn’t look solid. But how to remove the baricade without beeing struck to death by falling stones? Gil with his stonemasen skill spotted that especially one big block in the middle was loose. He digged it out a bit and they fixed a long rope around it. From relativly safe distance Gil, Braenn and John removed the stone by pulling the rope. When dust had setteled they saw that a halfling sized hole was in the barricade. Drugo crawled in the hole. After return he told that the hole lead to the earth surface, somewhere in the forest. While the others had a short rest Braenn passed the hole and explored the surface area a bit. After following a small path up to a hilltop, she saw that they were on the westside of Old Hallowbrook. Behind Old Hallowbrook, at the horizon coloured clouds whirled in the sky above New Hollowbruck and sometimes lights flashed up. Beneath this there was no hint about the situation of the villagers.

Will the fellowship of the goose be able to stop the coven and save the people from the troubles they caused?

Better late than never

After chasing Macario for days in the wilderness and their unexpected reunion in the pub of the new village in vicinity to Hallowbrook, they first enjoy a round of beer together. Alcohol soon initiates an active talk and so Macario tells his old friends from his involuntary journey with Alfrond Ravenflight, Ambrose and six merchants. First the merchants were stitched with gold later evil corrupted their souls and bonded them to the group. On their tour through Morrain all looked for some special kind of ingredients like the Archdruid’s staff for a powerful witchcraft. Even uninitiated Macario noticed that Alfrond and Ambrose were planing something, something that was worth to kill. Murdering indeed was Gornum‘s business. The nasty halfling assassin treated Macario in a bad way but Ambrose cared for him. In some nights he even talked to him, but in a weird way with a strange flickering in his eyes. When they reached the burned down Anseur Forest and met Lorelei Alfrond had gladly told Ambrose: “So we will get two ingredients at once the heart of a virgin and…” but his joy lasted only for a short while because Ambrose protected his first love by backstabbing the wizard. After killing Alfrond Ambrose freed Macario. The ropemaker walked through this dangerous region still protected by Alfrond’s spells. So he reached the village without any incidents with the hags. When Gil asks Macario for his future plans he just smiles at the buxom woman behind the bar and tells the group that he would marry the girl and would stay in this safe village. After a short while John orders a room with a bed without flea and leaves the group for a long and undisturbed night rest. Timo orders a big meal for supper, but he has to share it with Drugo the insatiable halfling. Macario asks if the team would like to taste the specialty of the house and of course they want. So the busty bar maid brings Drugo,Gil and Braenn some jars. The drink tastes like apple juice but seems to be strong….A loud quarrel wakes John up in the next morning. In the corridor he recognizes the source of the noise: Timo felt down from the cupboard where he slept off his drunk. The others aren’t in a better shape. Drugo and Gil lie together in a bed while Braenn finds herself below the bed. After a short discussion if Clio joined them the night before or if the meeting would take place today, Macario tells them that Clio invited them for lunch. So there is still time for getting sober and for some investigations of the village. The bar maid offers them a breakfast with eggs but the fellows choose instead Timo’s Goodberries for hangover breakfast. Only Braenn decides to stay the morning in tavern and to have breakfast with eggs.

John goes to the blacksmith of town. The forge uses water power and is for the village size unexpected large. The smith is really glad that John gives him the rare job to repair his half plate.

Drugo first visits the leather worker of the town. In the beginning he talks with his colleague about business. The leather worker tells him about his special offer of slim fit nighttime dress made from black leather, that makes the people behave like animals. Drugo indeed isn’t interested in such fetish stuff, but he got a new black leather cloak. When he tries the cloak he notices that his leather armor hinders his movements and doesn’t offer him additional protection. Therefore he sells the used armor to the leather worker. During their deal Drugo notices the familiar accent of the leather worker and therefore asks him about his hometown. The leather worker sadly answers that he originally comes from Cillamar, but the city was burned to the ground by the dragon of the Dragon Empire.
After his conversation and deal with the leather worker Drugo visits the distiller of town, a halfling fellow called Ervin Brandybottle. The shop is quite easy to spot by the evaporating alcoholic fumes. Brandybottle a red nose guy sits with a bottle under his arm in front of the building. He asks Drugo for his name. When Drugo introduces himself Ervin shouts:” A Silkfinger, the Silkfingers are known out through whole south of Morrain to be a worse family!” With his charm and his luck Drugo convinces Brandybottle to share some of his schnapps with him. After the first bottle they make friends and argue heatedly who’s family is worst “Silkbottle” or “Brandyfinger”

Gil in the meantime crafts a clay model of the the “Guardian of the forest”. When he burns it in an oven he hears a loud quarrel. He goes closer and finds Drugo and Ervin sitting in front of distillery, surrounded by empty bottles. When Brandybottle asks “Who is this?” Drugo prattles “This is Gongo” Gil asks Drugo to stop party but Drugo just shouts “ that’s who offends the people!!!”. Gil gets fed up with the two drunkards and sneaks away to escape them. When he is out of sight Brandybottle shouts out loud:”Gongo is quit tall for a halfling girl”.

Timo uses the morning hours to look for some fine ink to inscribe the new spells in his spellbook he could decipher from the burned spellbook donated by Elmat. Luckily Timo meets an old scribe who could sell him some fine ink and a feather. Unfortunately the old man is a chatterbox and so Timo has to stay for one hour at his house and has to listen to his stories until his ears become red. But the scribe tells him that Clio the priest of Justitia has incense and a brazier [breɪʒər] to performe the nesessary rituals for inscribing the spells.

For lunch all visit Clio. After telling all about their adventures to priest of Justitia , Gil asks her about the hags and the protection spells. Clio tells them that the nature of the hags is still quit unknown because of lack of eye-witness accounts. But old books tell that the hags are emanated from souls of tortured women. The increasing number of hags supports this theory because in warland and by invasion of Dragon Empire the number of disrupted female souls increased indeed. The weak point of these abominations is unknown yet too, but magical or silvered weapons and spells seem to be the only way to harm them. The protection spells of Justitia’s priest against the hags are quit advanced magic that is only taught followers of the goddess. But they could use the tokens of the guardian for unseen traveling. When Gil tells her their plan to go back to Hommlet Clio asks them to collect information about their old friends. She also reminds the fellowship that they have the two orc stones with three holes in it, which open a two-way communication and are therefor very powerful magical items.
Timo asks Clio for incense and her brassiere [brəˈzɪər] to perform the inscribing ritual. Clio first is puzzled by Timo’s question for her underwear but then realizes the pronuncition misstake and allows him for some gold to use her incense and brazier.
So Timo starts to inscribe “Find familiar” and “Chromatic Orb”. A task that takes the next two days. After the first day he enters the tavern with Echo on his shoulder. He cast the spirit in owl shape by “Find familiar”. John goes again to the blacksmith to produce 5 silver arrows.

Gil descides to visit the abandonded Hallowbrook. He hops to find some information about his family because this is the last spot they visited befor leaving Morrain with unknown destination. The buildings of the city are partial collapsed, but in a better shape than expected. Even some animals reconquer the ruins. On the market square Gil sees the three five petrified founding fathers of the town. Gil gets a strong obressing feeling, so he leaves soon without information about his family. When he reaches again at Clio’s and tells her about his investigations in Hallowbrook, she remembers that Ethremil, Gil’s father, visited her before leaving and handed a tube sealed with wax to her. She passes the tube to Gil and repeats Ethremil’s words:”I am leaving for ever. If you will meet my son Gil some day hand this to him.” Gil is visibly touched by the words of his father. He thanks Clio and leaves to read the message of his father. In the message Ethremil tells Gil that he left the court of the king, because his position was weakened considerably. He thanks his son Gil for saving his beloved daughter Lorelei twice. First time Gil protected her from being send to the Tomb of the Ancient Warchief by volunteer for this task. Second time he rescued her from the prison of Lord Garenburg.
So finally Ethermil restored Gil’s position as his son- better late than never

A merry rencounter
Love hurts

But in that very moment, Rosencrantz, flying by, finds a huge leather leash… could it be related to Macario? Gil is quit sure about it, so he tries to convince the rest of the group, especially John. After a short discussion they agree to follow Macario’s trace, at least for one day. This indeed is a hard job because Macario passed by weeks ago and the new Anseur forest overgrew the marks. But with Braenn’s and John’s survival skills and with Rosencrantz sense of smell they are able to follow some old traces, hopefully Macario’s. After some hours of march they even spot an old campground. For sure nothing indicates that Macario camped here, but with their six senses they clearly get the feeling to by on the right path.

After another hour of walking,when reaching the border of the forest a group of wood elves crosses their way. The group of male and females stops and speaks with Gil. They already know that the guardian was replanted and thank the fellowship of the goose for restoring the balance of nature again. The men are muscular soldiers wearing loincloth, while the graceful women cover their slim and tall bodies only with some feathers. John “the fallen Casanova“ at once tries to conquer the heart of one of the elven beauties. He picks up a flower, kneels down and whispers lover’s oath into the girl’s ear. The blond elven maid only has a gentle smile for John and then asks Gil what she should do with the crazy in love John. She says that typically the leader of the tribe would challenge John to a duel, but Gil appeases her with the permission to punish John in the proper way- but not to kill him. The elven girl decides that burned fingers are the best teacher for John and therefore kisses him on the cheek. After the kiss John walks on air, but he only stays in this mood for a moment because then the elven girls start to spank him. First John thinks that this is kind of elven amorous play, but when the elven girls beat the shit out of him, he notices that his efforts were total fail and only hurt the pride of the elven girls.

After this little incident with the wood elves the fellowship and completely exhausted John (three levels of exhaustion) keep on chasing Macario. In dusk they make camp on top of a hill with a lonely tree. When Gil keeps watch he spots a figure at the border of the forest – a little girl. He pretends not to notice it and when the child is close to the camp he jumps up and cast “Faerie fire”. Unfortunately he misfires. Without waking the rest of the group up, he is chasing the girl. Sometimes the girl seems to wait so he could close up the gap. By this strategy it lures Gil into a trap. After he entered the forest, the child turns around and “Faerie fires” back and attacks. By this unexpected attack Gil nearly goes down. Luckily Braenn notices that Gil is missing and wakes her fellows up. She could trace Gil with her sense for survival and finally finds him wounded and hard breathing. When Gil tells the story of the girl the whole team tries to spot it, but it mysteriously vanished without any traces. They return to the camp and a turbulent night begins…

In the land of dust

After various attempts at solving the windlord’s messenger riddle, Timo finally appeases his master’s desires. The wizard lets the phoenix feather burn, up to the point when a spark emerges from its ashes, from the spark a phoenix chick is born, which leaves a piece of fiery dung eiderdown on Timo’s hand. That appears to be the gift the windlord is willing to accept to restore the balance.

On their way back from the air temple, after having fire-wind-powered the acorn, the Fellows stop at the leprechaun’s, where Drugo barters some fairy gold coins in exchange for a goose-dance performance. After they return into the diamond-shaped earth temple, Drugo Gil focuses on his sorrows of the past, and is overcome by tears and sadness, but without losing his will. The earth lord is pleased by the gift of tears, to cool down his sorrow, and his messenger blesses the acorn and shares some precious wisdom with the Fellows.

Before heading back into the material plane, the Fellowship is approached by the messenger of the spirit lord, which gives them its final blessing and promises them safe passage through the face realms for their way back.

As the Fellowship steps through the portal, a wasteland of ashes and dust appears in from of them, grim and grey and dark. Gildorel hears a flute music coming from the top of a huge tree stump. Why, it is nobody else than his sister, Lorelei. After the initial surprise, she tells the Fellows that she decided to be alone in this wasteland rather than follow the elvenkind, recently departed from these lands after regrouping at the ruins of the old capital. In fact she was already here, broken, desperate, alone, when the traveling black mage Alfrond Ravenflight and his goons came to the wasteland.

“How lucky, we shall get two ingredient at once!” Muttered the evil magician at that time, the second ingredient being the broken heart of an elven maiden. As the villain approached the poor Lori, he was struck by a dagger, which pierced this torso all the way from back to front. “Enough. This is as far as I can stand.” Said Ambrose, wielding that very dagger, until Alfrond was just a lifeless corpse, lying in the dust. The gang then departed following Ambrose.

WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS !! The fellow then learns that Lorelei had, in fact, been the very first love of Ambrose when they were still in their small village Hommlet, this probably being the clue to explain Ambrose’s behaviour. What about the Fellowship’s quest now, after what happened? Gil thinks that nobody is safe until the dark ritual book is destroyed once and for all. But in the meanwhile, they have a Guardian to replant.

Lori guides the fellows to a hollow in the gargantuan stump, where there is but a patch of fresh soil. As Braenn plants the acorn in the ground, time lapses, and in a mere few second a newborn guardian grows in the spot, and a low-foliage young forest sprouts from the ground all around for miles and miles around. Even birds are soon joining the restored land. Moved to tears of joy, Lorelei decides to stay with the guardian to rebuild the Anseur forest anew, this time under a promise of balance and wilderness rather than one of civilisation and order. She will become a wood elf and be a warden of these lands, but she will always be a sister to Gil, and he will never stop caring.

It is now time to decide what is the next step in their quests, and Gil asks the fellow to dedicate one day to find clues on Ambrose’s gang’s whereabouts. But in that very moment, Rosencrantz, flying by, finds a huge leather leash… could it be related to Macario?

The Salmon of Doubt

After stepping through the Portal, the group arrived in the Fey Wilds. Grassy meadows stretched down below the cliff they were standing on, behind them was light forest cover. A waterfall brought a stream down the cliffside, which ran through the valley below.

Gil used his Rope of Climbing to help the group descend the obstacle. In the stream there was a bear – or a person. Confusion arose as the furry creature approached. Communication was difficult, apparently voices don’t carry. So they met an amnesiac female stranger, and after initial suspicions (and John getting disappointed he could collect no bear’s head) they let the newly named Dandelia join their noble quest.

Then another being appeared. It first seemed like a big deer. In the end, after the distance was covered (and John dissuaded from shooting another Bambi), it turned out the be a 30’ tall deer – introducing itself as the King of Deer or Deer Lord. (But not Deer King or Lord of Deers!) It communicated first with Drugo in animal tongue, then with Dandelia and Gil in Sylvan. He told them the Fey Lords reside on the central mount in the Fey Wilds, but no mortals may travel there. He directed them to the temples of the four elements, each central in the region of its nature. When asked how to find them he said “Just follow the Ley Lines!” and marched off.

Gil probed deep into his assembled occult knowledge and realized Ley Lines were lines of magic power criss-crossing the landscape in geometric patterns. They tried to detect one through the use of the detect magic spell, but the limited range of the spell did not seem to help. They reached the border of the realm they were in, and beyond it was a land of ice and snow. They walked along the border and saw two more realms – one left of the border, a realm of water following the one of ice, and rocky terrain following up on the realm of the meadows.

As Braenn crossed the border between meadows and rocks, she noticed she could not step on the border itself. She always skipped over it. Following her intuition she cast Detect Magic and found that the realm borders were such Ley Lines as they were looking for. They followed the border between rocks and meadows until they reached what they deemed the center, and found that the various realms of the Earth region joined together like the spokes of a wheel to a hub, and at the center of the hub was a diamond – three stories high! This must be the temple of the Fey Lord of Earth!

They tried various ways to gain access or to interact with the diamond, when they asked for a representative. Under their feet a deep mole appeared and engaged in a chat. After they asked to confer with the messenger of the Fey Lord they got absorbed into the diamond itself, each one into a different facet, each one reflecting a myriad times in each direction. They spoke to the messenger of the Fey Lord, and he told them that in order to restore Anseur Forest the balance of the four elements would also have to be restored. To this very end each Fey Lord would need aid from one of their brothers. The plea of the Lord of Earth was “I have no water to cool my sorrows.” They did various guesses, including tears, but that did not seem to get them anywhere. They asked to leave the diamond temple and found themselves surrounding it, each one standing in a different realm. Braenn looked not so happy about the marsh realm…

They journeyed back to the Water region and decided to follow along the border between ice and water. They had insufficient cold gear, so Braenn decided to share hers with Drugo and Gil, and ended up the one being fatigued by the cold. At the center of the realm they found a big maelstrom. They saw a salmon trying to climb a waterfall in its vicinity, distracted it mid jump with their calls, and saw it sucked into the maelstrom. Then the ice shelf broke, leaving only the very agile Gil behind. He tried to throw them his rope, but got pulled off the shelf as their ice blocked tilted and got sucked beneath the water surface.

Time without breath, under the sea. The blue turning into black towards the dark of the deep. When their breath failed them, they sucked in water and noticed they can breath it! A happy, bit overactive salmon came pestering them with questions. He was the messenger of the Lord of Water. He told them that his lord said “I have no wind to uplift me.” First they were trying to figure this out in purely physical terms, like conjuring rain with the Create Water spell. But apparently the act demanded was a symbolical one, the Fey Lords apparently quite capable of making their own rain…

Finally the word “uplift” led the way. After trying to tell a funny story they realized that a song is a form of wind that can uplift the spirit. Gil brought out his flute and played his song in the deep, amidst the echoes of whales and the reverberations of the deep. Appeased the Fey Lord granted his blessing to the acorn.

They followed a trail out of the realm, and saw two realms bordering. One of scalding hot springs, and one of a bright red desert. They followed the desert to its end and saw into the maw of a volcano. They might have met the messenger already, but have not seen him yet…

Rewards Season

After quickly looting the corpses of the defeated Orc Shamans, the Fellows of the Goose make haste and head north, off to the humming trees grove where the Ashwood Guardian resides. During their travel they encounter a beautiful celestial creature, a Pegasus, maybe sent by Ildavir in recognition of the party’s deeds: he offers Braenn one of his feathers as a boon.
After hours of march, the Fellows manage to reach their destination, where the Guardian, already aware of their accomplishment, rejoices knowing that the nature spirit is free once again. Elmat joins them shortly afterwards (as usual, disguised as an animal), and satisfied with the success of their mission, rewards the fellows with precious gifts. The group then rests peacefully, and takes a long relaxing bath in some thermal springs the day after. Baddy the ferret is finally rewarded with a basket full of eggs, which Drugo carefully collected. They are now ready to head to the next stop in their travels: the Feywild.
There, they will need to persuade the Fae Lords to unlock the power hidden in the magical acorn, so that it will take root in the Anseur wasteland.


Found on the Shamans)
- Potion of Fire Breath
- Potion of Cold Resistance
- Vial of Slippery Oil
- Goggles of night vision

Elmat Gifts)
- Potion of Hills’ Giant Strength, for John
- Potion of Enlarge, for Drugo
- Rope of Climbing and Magical Dagger +1, for Gildorel
- Wizard’s old Spellbook for Timo,
- 100gp Pearl for Braenn
- Magical goose (actually Rosencrantz’s) feather which points towards the Portals to the Feywild (“There” and “Back again” to activate)

- Pegasus Feather, given to Braenn by the Pegasus itself


Interlude: Birdman Strikes!

(Reposted from G+)

First I handed out pregens, and to my amazement I read someone the neutral deity list from the book, he knew who Cthulhu was, and picked Ildavir! By this time the player of Errion the Vengeful had also decided that the sheep on her sheet was named Little Timmy, and wanted to protect her loyal lamb. Baaaaaa-aaaah! Off to a most unusual start.

In the hamlet of Cragsmere the thief failed to pick a simple lock, but then, apparently lifting from the hip, simply pushed the shutters off from a window. Cragsmere was empty, but the concerned priest of Ildavir insisted on tending to the cattle. He came back with a pail of fresh steaming milk, offering it, then taking a sip. Then the giant appeared… Player reaction: “Where the @$*! did you get that milk from?!?”

They fought the giant – and while rolling 20s for initiave, they broke both bows in the party with fumbles. The giant lifted the tree trunk and wanted to slam the warrior. The cleric tried to show the towering brute what’s what and spoke one Word of Command… “Drop!” Errion failed her Reflex save and was instantly knocked out by the falling tree which dropped her to 0hp.

The mighty sorry cleric ran over to heal her while giant slammed his fist into the thief. Infused with 5 hp Errion, still buried under the tree, tried to hack at it with her sword, aiming for the ankle. With a mighty d14, her deed die, and her bonus, she actually managed to beat both the AC and the deed threshold, rolling massive damage and hacking the leg off at the ankle, ending the battle.

After healup they trekked up the mountain. The cleric’s Second Sight told him that climbing up might be somewhat harmful, whereas he proclaimed it was Ildavir’s will to stay on the path. The thief snuck ahead, picking up the sticks from the “Go Back” random event and pocketing them. The fleeing priests he completely let go past himself while hiding in some shadow. The group didn’t quite buy the story of the firebreathing dragons, but healing the broken limb.

Then they found the naturally eroded stairs leading to a large nest. Discouraged by his bad roll luck the thief used the broken sticks, his cape, and the feathers of his arrows to create a “baby bird disguise.” With a roll total of above 20 I let it pass… Little did I know what got started there. Till now the image in my mind was a mixture of Man-bat and Darkwing Duck… He plundered the nest, and got deeply fascinated by the “Lady Blackbird” dagger, holding it aloft as if conjuring the powers of Grayskull. He failed to turn into anything.

Then came the devilkin. They stole lantern oil from the player notorious for being a pyromaniac (“I have a lantern. It’s just for the lantern.”) They tried to steal the grappling hook and rope from the halfling, but got hacked to pieces after doing the deed. They tried to steal Little Timmy. And then Birdman revealed himself… The thief, creative as only newbies are, decided to do an alluring dance in his birdman costume to “attract the males.” Err, what? After he added waving the slightly magic dagger and rolling a natural 20 on the spot, he lured four mesmerized devilkin to himself, stabbing them quickly to death while keeping up with the dance routine… Ehm, okay.

They bypassed the remaining mountain because we were running out of time – I personally blame Glipkerio! At the stairs they tried everything, and the one thing flabbergasting me was that they casted Comprehend Languages on the runes – with a high roll as well. I revealed each to extoll the virtues or flaws of a certain number. They identified the sinful 7, 14, and 21, and identified the favorable multiple of 3. Then the random experimenting began – with people stepping up and down stairs, simultaenously, after each other, etc. After a long, long time they activated them all and passed on to the gate. Little Timmy helped by jumping back on stair 22, letting them know they did not have to jump over 3s over and over again. Little Timmy had of course been scared by the sight of the foul entrance…

They fought with the gate. They tried inserting the dagger into the mouth, doing 2d4 damage and losing it. They tried inserting a short sword. To common astonishment the elf removed with his sword his own pinky to insert it (that’s what The Bride of the Black Manse does to players… :P) and the gate happily munched on it. And grabbed him for seconds, trying to eat the rest of his butter fingers as well.

Errion had enough. She charged the gate, rolled a natural 20, did massive damage and a successful deed, cutting hands, limbs, heads right and left – leaving Little Timmy behind her looking like a blood-soaked cotton ball. :P

They entered the temple, fighting to the best of their ability. The thief insulted Elder Glipkerio, both running around the statuary in a wild chase, with the elder wizard complaining about the folly of youth constantly while the thief easily dodged out of harm’s way. Waiting for a good moment he rolled another really high result (+ Luck), waited behind the wheel of the Fates, snatched the amulet from the Elder Glipkerio’s neck and smashed it to pieces on the wheel itself, ending the whole battle and transforming Glipkerio into a hideous giant…

The Fates were much more taken by the thief than they were with their self-mutilating follower. They still knew determination when they saw it. They turned Birdman (somehow I had been calling him that for the last two hours) into a real bird-man and showered the party with their favor.

I love playing with people new to DCC. There’s so much “What the XXXX” moments when they start getting creative… :)

Silence... I'll kill you!

After taking rest in Elmat’s tree house, Fellowship talked to Elmat about the orcs and their camp. Druid told them, that orcs build their camp on a big clearing in the woods, with walls far enough from the forest’s borders to spot incoming enemies. The most important information was although the fact, that there was no pool on that place before orcs built their camp. They also go to know, that Elmat is “unborn” and getting younger instead of getting older.

The fellowship travelled in the direction of orc camp. In the distance of roughly 3 miles they took cover behind a cliff. Timo talked to Rosencrantz thanks to his new druidic skills and asked him to take a flight above orcs camp when Drugo (named by the gender “little eater”) casted a ritual letting him to see through Rosencrantz eyes. He saw a lot of orcs all over the camp, many big fireplaces, palisades, jurts, huge cooking pits and even more orcs. But now sing of pool or any underground cave or similar place.

Fellowship decided to get closer to the main gate of the camp, so they can spot if the orc shaman is going away from the camp. On the way they find big pile of dump: to hide their smell John covers himself in the goo, Braenn decides it will be good enough just to step in it. With the invisibility spell cast on Braenn by Gill, the cleric gets nice hiding spot close enough to the gate to spot any movement in and out of the camp. After some time she spots outstanding group of orcs: twelve torchbearers and three other orcs following a faint path to north-north-east. Braenn goes back, trying to find rest of the group, but the fog in the wood gets thicker and thicker. At some point she fells down into a depression in the woods: luckily it is the same depression where rest of the group took cover.

After explaining all she saw, Breann lead the group to the beginning of the pathway. They follow the path for around 1,5 mile, when they see in the distance still light of torches. Braenn and Drugo are getting closer to the source of light and they spot twelve orcs standing in a circle, holding the torches and chanting. Three other orcs, including the shaman, are dancing around and chanting as well. Braenn hears the sound of the wind, but she realises that the air is still, not even single leaves are moving. She also spots something like a very bright reflection of light, but she cannot say what causes it. She decides to cast Silence on the group of orcs and signals rest of the group to fight with ominous whispers. Gil, Timo and armoured John are charging the orc observing already attacking Halfling. An epic Battle starts where all members of the fellowship are using the best out of their arsenal. Flying axes of raging Drugo are unstoppable as well as mighty blows ofJohn’s swords. Additionally his shield is unbreakable barrier protecting him and his companions. Gildorel not only inspire his friend, he also protects them from blows casting Invisibility and disabling orcs with Blindness and Sleep. In the same time Timo’s Burning Hands and Braenn’s Guiding Bolts are causing in the group of orc huge magical damage. Finally the battle is won, only one orc put into magical sleep by Gil is still alive. Gil wants to talk to him, but John slashes the caster with his sword. His not dead but badly injured so Timotheus kills him with Magic missile.

What drugs fellowship’s attention is the pool: the surface is unstable, the glow is uneven. Suddenly the pillar of light shots twenty feet high into the sir and our heroes can see figure of a boy made out of water. Before he disappears he has message for Fellowship:
„The last I saw The One Who Offends People will find The One of Two Genders. It won’t end as he thinks, but it will end. The lives that hang in balance aren’t yet born and as of yet dead. In the Land of Dust the decision will be made and The High might be brought low. Ripples in the Sea of Time, no World can stem the Tide. I thank you kindly.”

Hit & Run: Orc Edition

The Fellowship had gotten themselves in dire straits: Gil, John, and Timo were trying to draw the orcs away from their camp, but already these fellows were rather battered. Drugo had snuck up to the camp where Braenn was held, to find it guarded by 8 orcs.

Team Mule (Timo, John, Gil) tried to outpace the orcs on their not-so-noble steeds. Their attempts at hit and run were hampered by several challenges – the orcs called for more reinforcements, and a second group of orcs also closed in from the north, including another giant hog. Trying to pace their speed to actually do damage to the orcs slowed Team Mule so much down, the orc horde almost caught up to them. To be remembered for the future: Damn, those orcs can run!

Team Ferret (Drugo and Baddy/Mr Ferret) made their way to the edge of the forest. Team Mule’s efforts drew away an especially big orc and two others, leaving a total of 5. Mr Ferret got a leather glove tied to his back to make sure Braenn would realize the connection with the Fellowship. Nobody had beast speech at this moment, so nobody could learn what Mr Ferret thought of this. He hurried through the grass and bit away Braenn’s ropes. When she tried to remove her gag, she drew the attention of an orc by the campfire. Just before that orc could share the fact, Drugo fired his crossbow at another one of the fiendish folk.

Meanwhile, Team Mule was being wildly pursued by at least a dozen orcs. Gil’s attempts at insults were hampered by his upbringing. Thankfully he did not tell the orcs to bring it on, so they didn’t. John and Timo turned their mules and left in a hail of javelins, steadily outpacing the orcs they left in another fog cloud.

Braenn darted into the forest, and only her magic ring helped her outpace the orcs which were hampered by the terrain. Drugo shot one orc dead before it could close in. Now each were face with two orcs. Braenn, without armaments, unleashed her whole arsenal and blasted hers away with guiding bolts. Splattered with blood she clothes showed her assailants that she was made of stronger stuff! Drugo went into a rage, and ignoring the greataxe blows reigning down on him he cut one orc through the leg before burying his axe in the belly of the second. Tearing him apart with raw anger he showered himself with blood and orc intestinal content. Taking on orc stench was no longer a problem.

Team Ferret collected the missing mules, Braenn’s equipment, and a strange stone with three holes in it. Both teams turned into the direction of the Guardian independently, and one hour later Team Ferret followed Rosencrantz to Team Mule – whose riding animals were duely exhausted from the wild chase. Then Rosencrantz turned into a naked man with a long, white beard…

So, it had been Elmat the Naked again! Together they explored the properties of the stone, which seemed to open a two-way communication with some other orcs. Timo tried as best as he could to deceive the orcs, almost having given himself away by his use of Common while still tuned into the stone.

Elmat then lifted the whole group into the crown of a nearby tree, then erected a magical hut for them to rest and recover the night in. In the safety of the shelter they contemplated their next move – and where to get Baddy his promised reward.


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