Servant of the Chaos Titan - died dismembered by the Sih hel


Herder that left his dog in a dungeon.
Joined the ranks of the Chaos Titan’s cult at first chance.
Learned a vast amount of knowledge regarding demons and also their language.
Was trained in the ways of manipulation and orating.


Chapter 1

His life was a dull one. Pushed by his parents to take over their animal farm, Ricardo gave in and became a herder. Days gave way to weeks, and weeks gave way to months and years. Bored with his plain life, Ricardo always felt like something was amiss. Frustrated, he found himself gazing into the distance and thinking about how his life should have gone. Through time he grew cynical and moody, abusing his animals and the emotions of female villagers. He expected to be hated for his actions, but instead his villainous charisma seemed to attract the people around him. Soon, Ricardo made a resolution for himself. He wanted to leave the village behind, start a new life and see what the world held out for him.

It was at this time that the dreams began. Dark, foggy dreams of fire and misery, yet also of pleasure and riches. Sometimes, Ricardo remembered a mumbling voice infiltrating his sleep. This went on for quite a while, until one fateful night that should change him forever. Ricardo was sleeping, when he again heard the muffled voice reaching out for him. He concentrated and started to hear the voice more clearly: “Go to the barn”, it said. “Watch it happen. Go to the barn… Watch it happen” Suddenly, he was surrounded by flames that started to burn him alive. With a scream, Ricardo woke up in his sweaty sheets.

The next evening, Ricardo went to the barn as soon as it got dark. He didn’t quite know why he went there, but something about the dream from the night before made him curious. As he closed in on the village’s crop barn, Ricardo saw light flickering within it. He approached the barn slowly and climbed a tree that was standing next to it. From within, he heard a yell: “You jerk!” Curious as to who was in the barn Ricardo tried to climb closer to the open window, when a little squirrel jumped away from him in anguish and landed within the barn. “You stupid elf! It is just a squirrel!”, Ricardo heard. This time he could identify the voice as the voice of Ambrose and concluded that the one Ambrose was talking to was Magellan, as the two of them were rarely seen without each other. Ricardo was snickering maliciously at the thought that they were startled by a squirrel, when he saw two shadows running out of the barn.

Then he smelled it. Fire! These fools had accidentally lit the crop barn on fire and made a run for it. Hastily, Ricardo climbed down the tree and ran to the nearest hill. When he arrived there, he found himself smiling. “How easy people can be influenced”, he thought to himself. He took pleasure in just sitting there and seeing the villagers trying to save the unsavable. Still grinning, he finally fell asleep right on the hill. This time the voice in his dreams only said two words: “Well done.”

On the morrow, Ricardo returned to his farm and went into the village afterwards. He was curious to see peoples’ reactions to what happened last night. He was delighted to see the anguish and the hate on the faces of his former friends. On a whim Ricardo decided to test if he could get the two fire-raisers to cave in and confess. He started by dropping insinuations around them. But when this wasn’t enough, he started rumors about innocent people being the culprits to see if the guilt would break Ambrose or Magellan. When the innocents he blamed were killed by angry villagers, Ricardo could see that Magellan was about to crack.

After a while, the village called in a council and Ricardo thought one of the two fire-raisers had finally confessed their crime. But to his surprise, the village elders sought champions for a quest to save the village by plundering the old, trap-ridden catacombs. Everybody that wanted to help should come before the council on the next day. Ricardo didn’t even bother to think about risking his life in order to save the village people. He wanted to just leave the village and make a living in the city. But as he went to bed that night, Ricardo again heard the strange, demanding voice that said: “Join them!”

Compelled, he joined the group of champions. He could take some of the treasure for himself when nobody was looking, couldn’t he? The catacombs proved to be a challenging task, and when the group arrived at something that looked like a big arch with blue, shining runes on it, the strangest thing happened to Ricardo. For just a second he lost his consciousness and the voice started talking to him. It was as loud as it was never before: “When you arrive in the city, my Champion, seek my temple. Seek Cadixtat! Your journey will start then!” When Ricardo snapped out of it, he found his comrades fighting each other. Enjoying the Chaos, he joined in.

Chapter 2

After Ricardo and most of his companions made it out of the dungeon, they went into the city. Most of the survivors stayed in the city and received one year of special training. Ricardo went to the local church of Cadixtat to become a cleric.
When he entered the church made out of black marmor, a dark hooded man welcomed him. „Ah, young Ricardo… We have been expecting you. Follow me.“ As the man turn around, Ricardo saw the symbol he had often seen in his dreams dangeling from the neck of the cleric: An eye from which eight arrows emerged, connected by a cirle in some distance to the eye. Ricardo was led to a big hall. On the opposite side of the hall, there was a huge man standing in front of a black and red altar. His robe also carried the insignia of Cadixtat. As Ricardo entered the hall, the man slowly turned into his direction and said with a low, creepy voice: „Ah, there you are. Brother Senthen you may leave now.“ The man, Senthen, who led Ricardo through the temple bowed, and took off. „It seems we have found a new follower haven’t we?“, the creepy voice whispered. Ricardo didn’t realize it in this moment, but the man spoke very silently, too silent to normally be heared at this distance. „You have been selected my friend, selected to serve the mightiest and the most benevolent of gods. Benevolent at least to the ones following him.“, he added with a devilish grin. Ricardo kneeled down to one knee and answered with as much sincerety as he could muster: „I am ready to receive your teachings.“ „Now don’t be so fast, youngling.“, the man replied, „you will be more than just an apprentice in this church.“ Ricardo looked up puzzled. „You have been selected, my friend. Selected for a special path of survitude to our god.“ Ricardo looked at the man with a stern face and replied: „I am ready to do whatever is needed.“ The man laughed. It was a cruel, dry laugh that echoed through the hall. „The rashness of youth. You don’t even know what is coming your way, friend. Hard tests of faith, survival and fighting will be your destiny if you stay here. You have been chosen to be a demon-child.“ Again, Ricardo couldn’t subdue a puzzled look and he asked: „What is a demon-child?“ The man laughed again. „It is a special kind of cleric, a rare kind.“, he anwered. „Demon-childs are only selected by Cadixtat himself. And one of them is selected every hundred years or so. They are champions of Cadixtat, and they have a unique goal amongst the clerics of Cadixtat. They are to grow strong and faithful to be vessels of the power of Cadixtat. When they are strong enough, it is their duty and only theirs, to recruit and submit demons to the the rule of Cadixtat. And if they resist, you shall smite them.“ Ricardo’s eyes widened hearing this, to somebody who didn’t know him, it would have looked like he was shocked and afraid. But something else was the case. He was exited! He finally was gonna be something special, someone others would fear or look up to. The man however, interpreted his reaction right, as he was old and wise. He said: „Well then, I see you are ready to start. Your training begins tomorrow. I, Terentor headpriest of Cadixtat, allow you into the services of our god and to be apprentice in this temple.“

The training Ricardo experienced was rigorous and hard. The first half year he was brought into a desert and giving nothing that a knife, an empty waterskin and his dog. The days were hot and dry and the nights freezing cold. There were many times that Ricardo, and even more times that his dog almost died of thirst. Whenever Ricardo found an Oasis, it would only stay for one day and then vanish like it had never been there. Sometimes, he was so deprived of water that he thought to saw a small horned creature laughing at him. After four or so months, Ricardo finally was approached by this creature, which was a demon. It mocked him and his god he is serving and offered him water and food if he joined his ranks instead. But as much as the demon tried, Ricardo kept loyal to Cadixtat, even in the direst times of need. And so, he passed the test of survival after six months of almost dying. The other half of the year, he got taught the ways of Cadixtat, his prayers and his rites. Unlike other apprentices in the temple, he also learned about demons, how to recognize and how to kill them. He also learned their language. It is a foul language, full of shouting, snarling and grunting. Although Ricardo has never been one of the smart people of this world, everything he learned in this temple almost magically was stuck in his mind. After the year was gone, a last test awaited Ricardo: He was to offer his dog to Cadixtat. Klaus had stayed by his side for all the tought tests, he had gone through hell and back with Ricardo. And still, Ricardo didn’t even shed a tear when he slit the throat of his companion. But in this moment, something died in Ricardo, something that he didn’t even know he had left anymore: benignity. When Ricardo left his room on the next day, he was surprised to say the least. Klaus was running towards him through the corridor, as if nothing had happened. But Ricardo didn’t feel anything towards the dog anymore.
It was this day, that Ricardo left apprenticeship. Ricardo was sent into the world, to grow in faith and in power, to one day become a true vessel of Cadixtats might, and to bring his god servants for the final battle.


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