Fellowship of the Goose

The Slog

In the wreckage of their camp they rested. Their night’s rest disturbed by a snake that trapped itself on the shore. In the morning Braenn’s prayers went unheard, and she went missing on her hunt. John let the party on what he though were her tracks, but ultimately ended up where he started, unused to finding his way in the swamp.


They find an unconscious Braenn, wounded, lying on the little island.

Something hit her in the swamp, but she dragged herself away, she tells when she comes about. They tend to her. She feels Gil’s need for the reassurance of Rosencrantz, and a shimmer of light appears to the east. They march to the river. And there, between the willows hanging into the water, they find a healthy gander, who happily rejoins them.

So do stinging beatles. Braenn’s instinct directs her into the water, while John drives them away with the torch. Gil hacks with a shovel, and Timo conjures a choking cloud. Eventually they disperse the cloud of vile biters.

They follow the river to its first arm, and cross over that streamlet with a rope. Gil swam ahead. They find another sidearm on the opposing side, further downstream. Not knowing how to cross the Morro they march until they reach a lake. Braenn and John cast out for fish, and John brings in a meal for everyone, which Drugo burns a bit, but he assures everyone that the tasty inner bits are still fine. They eat and feel filled up again – better than all day. The rain stopped and the sun dried them.

Gil took a bath. Rosencrantz went hunting for snails, and graciously shared with Gil. Braenn tried to pray, but found she contracted swamp fever. Her weakened state is attributed to divine disfavor.

They build a camp on an elevation of driftwood and enjoy their food and begin to rest. Braenn’s fever gives her dreams, but we don’t know yet what she will learn beyond the calm blanket of sleep…


Dang! I forgot to draw Drugo’s signature scarf. How could I?

The Slog

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