Fellowship of the Goose

Slow delving... better safe than sorry

The shadow spirits of dead people who touched Timo‘s heart left him just an inch from death. This shocked the whole fellowship which opted for a strategic retreat to the Dryads’ grove for resting and regrouping.

Gildorel carved a small statuine from a fallen branch wood, to bring to the restless female ghost the next morning, together with a prayer. The ghost did not seem to appreciate much, so the elf hasted to catch up with the rest of the fellowship.

The dungeon delving continued. Beyond the shadows room there stood a burial site of an ancient military officer. How careful were the priest of his time to protect his rest by binding elemental spirits to metal armors standing there! Very dutifully, the armors animated and tried to beat the flesh out of our poor fellows. Their efforts resulted vain in the end, as the adventurers exploited this clash of steel to test some new combat tactics they pulled out of their sleeves.



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