Fellowship of the Goose

Rewards Season

After quickly looting the corpses of the defeated Orc Shamans, the Fellows of the Goose make haste and head north, off to the humming trees grove where the Ashwood Guardian resides. During their travel they encounter a beautiful celestial creature, a Pegasus, maybe sent by Ildavir in recognition of the party’s deeds: he offers Braenn one of his feathers as a boon.
After hours of march, the Fellows manage to reach their destination, where the Guardian, already aware of their accomplishment, rejoices knowing that the nature spirit is free once again. Elmat joins them shortly afterwards (as usual, disguised as an animal), and satisfied with the success of their mission, rewards the fellows with precious gifts. The group then rests peacefully, and takes a long relaxing bath in some thermal springs the day after. Baddy the ferret is finally rewarded with a basket full of eggs, which Drugo carefully collected. They are now ready to head to the next stop in their travels: the Feywild.
There, they will need to persuade the Fae Lords to unlock the power hidden in the magical acorn, so that it will take root in the Anseur wasteland.


Found on the Shamans)
- Potion of Fire Breath
- Potion of Cold Resistance
- Vial of Slippery Oil
- Goggles of night vision

Elmat Gifts)
- Potion of Hills’ Giant Strength, for John
- Potion of Enlarge, for Drugo
- Rope of Climbing and Magical Dagger +1, for Gildorel
- Wizard’s old Spellbook for Timo,
- 100gp Pearl for Braenn
- Magical goose (actually Rosencrantz’s) feather which points towards the Portals to the Feywild (“There” and “Back again” to activate)

- Pegasus Feather, given to Braenn by the Pegasus itself




Rewards Season

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