Fellowship of the Goose

Love hurts

But in that very moment, Rosencrantz, flying by, finds a huge leather leash… could it be related to Macario? Gil is quit sure about it, so he tries to convince the rest of the group, especially John. After a short discussion they agree to follow Macario’s trace, at least for one day. This indeed is a hard job because Macario passed by weeks ago and the new Anseur forest overgrew the marks. But with Braenn’s and John’s survival skills and with Rosencrantz sense of smell they are able to follow some old traces, hopefully Macario’s. After some hours of march they even spot an old campground. For sure nothing indicates that Macario camped here, but with their six senses they clearly get the feeling to by on the right path.

After another hour of walking,when reaching the border of the forest a group of wood elves crosses their way. The group of male and females stops and speaks with Gil. They already know that the guardian was replanted and thank the fellowship of the goose for restoring the balance of nature again. The men are muscular soldiers wearing loincloth, while the graceful women cover their slim and tall bodies only with some feathers. John “the fallen Casanova“ at once tries to conquer the heart of one of the elven beauties. He picks up a flower, kneels down and whispers lover’s oath into the girl’s ear. The blond elven maid only has a gentle smile for John and then asks Gil what she should do with the crazy in love John. She says that typically the leader of the tribe would challenge John to a duel, but Gil appeases her with the permission to punish John in the proper way- but not to kill him. The elven girl decides that burned fingers are the best teacher for John and therefore kisses him on the cheek. After the kiss John walks on air, but he only stays in this mood for a moment because then the elven girls start to spank him. First John thinks that this is kind of elven amorous play, but when the elven girls beat the shit out of him, he notices that his efforts were total fail and only hurt the pride of the elven girls.

After this little incident with the wood elves the fellowship and completely exhausted John (three levels of exhaustion) keep on chasing Macario. In dusk they make camp on top of a hill with a lonely tree. When Gil keeps watch he spots a figure at the border of the forest – a little girl. He pretends not to notice it and when the child is close to the camp he jumps up and cast “Faerie fire”. Unfortunately he misfires. Without waking the rest of the group up, he is chasing the girl. Sometimes the girl seems to wait so he could close up the gap. By this strategy it lures Gil into a trap. After he entered the forest, the child turns around and “Faerie fires” back and attacks. By this unexpected attack Gil nearly goes down. Luckily Braenn notices that Gil is missing and wakes her fellows up. She could trace Gil with her sense for survival and finally finds him wounded and hard breathing. When Gil tells the story of the girl the whole team tries to spot it, but it mysteriously vanished without any traces. They return to the camp and a turbulent night begins…



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