Fellowship of the Goose

Let's poke the pile of garbage, what can possibly go wrong there?

After a restful night at the Inn, the Fellowship of the Goose decided to explore the tunnels, in search for more clues about the mysterious (and rude) pale elf that they previously encountered. After asking Macario to guard the trap door, and leaving behind a suddenly ill Gildorel, the Fellowship goes down. Braenn assessed the entrance area, covered by the bones of thousands of unfortunate little animals, and found no tracks to the east. It was decided to follow the route they explored previously, leading to the round room where the Roper used to live. After a long discussion, it was decided to move to the unexplored east corridor.

The corridor turned east-north, and opened to a chamber. In the middle, there was a pile of garbage. First, Timo poked it with the staff, and Braenn determined that the bones in it were not humanoid… then, Drugo heard a magical whispering. The pile of garbage concealed a snake skeleton. The creature charmed John and attacked the rest of the party. After a couple of lightning bolts, Braenn and Timo fell unconscious. Upon witnessing his comrades falling, John snapped out of the charm and took them away from the battle. Drugo, enraged, stayed to fight the creature. Unfortunately the undead snake paralyzed him with its unknown abilities. John managed to stabilize Braenn, and she healed Timo. After the party defeated the creature, John looted the pile of garbage, gaining some coins and a really foul smell.

The party continued towards the tunnel, where Drugo barely escaped from a bear trap. Upon examination, the party finds that it is a fairly new instrument, and concluded that it was set up there recently. After walking the same passage for a short time, they found big boot prints, that seem to belong to a set of shoes with big nails. These footprints followed later to a hole in the northern wall of the tunnel. Drugo went alone inside the tunnel, to scout. He found that after 15 feet there was a natural-looking cavern, where he heard dripping water. The cave seemed huge, and it stretched towards the north and the east. Oddly, the entrance from the tunnel, more than having been constructed, seems to have been made by pushing aside the earth with a great force. This entrance seemed really compact and solid. The footprints disappear after this entrance.

Drugo explored a part of the cave, taking with him the communication stone. This allowed him to call the rest party, when a seemingly normal stalactite fell and attacked him. Similar creatures attacked the party, inflicting light wounds to Drugo and Timo.

Exploring further towards the northern side of the cave, the party found a cave wall. Timo wanted to cast “Detect Magic” as a ritual, and Braenn wanted to cast “Augury”. While John stayed with them mounting guard, Drugo explored the cave further. The party was then surprised by an attack from tentacled creatures. After extensive use of their resources, the Fellows defeated them… but they were not alone. Something was lurking in the dark, which had a high-pitched voice. Braenn casted silence, which effectively hid the party from those creatures. The Fellowship sneaked out of the cave, in order to gather their strength, to continue exploring.



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