Fellowship of the Goose

In the land of dust

After various attempts at solving the windlord’s messenger riddle, Timo finally appeases his master’s desires. The wizard lets the phoenix feather burn, up to the point when a spark emerges from its ashes, from the spark a phoenix chick is born, which leaves a piece of fiery dung eiderdown on Timo’s hand. That appears to be the gift the windlord is willing to accept to restore the balance.

On their way back from the air temple, after having fire-wind-powered the acorn, the Fellows stop at the leprechaun’s, where Drugo barters some fairy gold coins in exchange for a goose-dance performance. After they return into the diamond-shaped earth temple, Drugo Gil focuses on his sorrows of the past, and is overcome by tears and sadness, but without losing his will. The earth lord is pleased by the gift of tears, to cool down his sorrow, and his messenger blesses the acorn and shares some precious wisdom with the Fellows.

Before heading back into the material plane, the Fellowship is approached by the messenger of the spirit lord, which gives them its final blessing and promises them safe passage through the face realms for their way back.

As the Fellowship steps through the portal, a wasteland of ashes and dust appears in from of them, grim and grey and dark. Gildorel hears a flute music coming from the top of a huge tree stump. Why, it is nobody else than his sister, Lorelei. After the initial surprise, she tells the Fellows that she decided to be alone in this wasteland rather than follow the elvenkind, recently departed from these lands after regrouping at the ruins of the old capital. In fact she was already here, broken, desperate, alone, when the traveling black mage Alfrond Ravenflight and his goons came to the wasteland.

“How lucky, we shall get two ingredient at once!” Muttered the evil magician at that time, the second ingredient being the broken heart of an elven maiden. As the villain approached the poor Lori, he was struck by a dagger, which pierced this torso all the way from back to front. “Enough. This is as far as I can stand.” Said Ambrose, wielding that very dagger, until Alfrond was just a lifeless corpse, lying in the dust. The gang then departed following Ambrose.

WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS !! The fellow then learns that Lorelei had, in fact, been the very first love of Ambrose when they were still in their small village Hommlet, this probably being the clue to explain Ambrose’s behaviour. What about the Fellowship’s quest now, after what happened? Gil thinks that nobody is safe until the dark ritual book is destroyed once and for all. But in the meanwhile, they have a Guardian to replant.

Lori guides the fellows to a hollow in the gargantuan stump, where there is but a patch of fresh soil. As Braenn plants the acorn in the ground, time lapses, and in a mere few second a newborn guardian grows in the spot, and a low-foliage young forest sprouts from the ground all around for miles and miles around. Even birds are soon joining the restored land. Moved to tears of joy, Lorelei decides to stay with the guardian to rebuild the Anseur forest anew, this time under a promise of balance and wilderness rather than one of civilisation and order. She will become a wood elf and be a warden of these lands, but she will always be a sister to Gil, and he will never stop caring.

It is now time to decide what is the next step in their quests, and Gil asks the fellow to dedicate one day to find clues on Ambrose’s gang’s whereabouts. But in that very moment, Rosencrantz, flying by, finds a huge leather leash… could it be related to Macario?


No idea how you think “chick fluff” or “eiderdown” is dung, so I corrected that. XD

In the land of dust

Not me, the automatic corrector of Mac… damn you Steve!

In the land of dust

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