Fellowship of the Goose

Better late than never

After chasing Macario for days in the wilderness and their unexpected reunion in the pub of the new village in vicinity to Hallowbrook, they first enjoy a round of beer together. Alcohol soon initiates an active talk and so Macario tells his old friends from his involuntary journey with Alfrond Ravenflight, Ambrose and six merchants. First the merchants were stitched with gold later evil corrupted their souls and bonded them to the group. On their tour through Morrain all looked for some special kind of ingredients like the Archdruid’s staff for a powerful witchcraft. Even uninitiated Macario noticed that Alfrond and Ambrose were planing something, something that was worth to kill. Murdering indeed was Gornum‘s business. The nasty halfling assassin treated Macario in a bad way but Ambrose cared for him. In some nights he even talked to him, but in a weird way with a strange flickering in his eyes. When they reached the burned down Anseur Forest and met Lorelei Alfrond had gladly told Ambrose: “So we will get two ingredients at once the heart of a virgin and…” but his joy lasted only for a short while because Ambrose protected his first love by backstabbing the wizard. After killing Alfrond Ambrose freed Macario. The ropemaker walked through this dangerous region still protected by Alfrond’s spells. So he reached the village without any incidents with the hags. When Gil asks Macario for his future plans he just smiles at the buxom woman behind the bar and tells the group that he would marry the girl and would stay in this safe village. After a short while John orders a room with a bed without flea and leaves the group for a long and undisturbed night rest. Timo orders a big meal for supper, but he has to share it with Drugo the insatiable halfling. Macario asks if the team would like to taste the specialty of the house and of course they want. So the busty bar maid brings Drugo,Gil and Braenn some jars. The drink tastes like apple juice but seems to be strong….A loud quarrel wakes John up in the next morning. In the corridor he recognizes the source of the noise: Timo felt down from the cupboard where he slept off his drunk. The others aren’t in a better shape. Drugo and Gil lie together in a bed while Braenn finds herself below the bed. After a short discussion if Clio joined them the night before or if the meeting would take place today, Macario tells them that Clio invited them for lunch. So there is still time for getting sober and for some investigations of the village. The bar maid offers them a breakfast with eggs but the fellows choose instead Timo’s Goodberries for hangover breakfast. Only Braenn decides to stay the morning in tavern and to have breakfast with eggs.

John goes to the blacksmith of town. The forge uses water power and is for the village size unexpected large. The smith is really glad that John gives him the rare job to repair his half plate.

Drugo first visits the leather worker of the town. In the beginning he talks with his colleague about business. The leather worker tells him about his special offer of slim fit nighttime dress made from black leather, that makes the people behave like animals. Drugo indeed isn’t interested in such fetish stuff, but he got a new black leather cloak. When he tries the cloak he notices that his leather armor hinders his movements and doesn’t offer him additional protection. Therefore he sells the used armor to the leather worker. During their deal Drugo notices the familiar accent of the leather worker and therefore asks him about his hometown. The leather worker sadly answers that he originally comes from Cillamar, but the city was burned to the ground by the dragon of the Dragon Empire.
After his conversation and deal with the leather worker Drugo visits the distiller of town, a halfling fellow called Ervin Brandybottle. The shop is quite easy to spot by the evaporating alcoholic fumes. Brandybottle a red nose guy sits with a bottle under his arm in front of the building. He asks Drugo for his name. When Drugo introduces himself Ervin shouts:” A Silkfinger, the Silkfingers are known out through whole south of Morrain to be a worse family!” With his charm and his luck Drugo convinces Brandybottle to share some of his schnapps with him. After the first bottle they make friends and argue heatedly who’s family is worst “Silkbottle” or “Brandyfinger”

Gil in the meantime crafts a clay model of the the “Guardian of the forest”. When he burns it in an oven he hears a loud quarrel. He goes closer and finds Drugo and Ervin sitting in front of distillery, surrounded by empty bottles. When Brandybottle asks “Who is this?” Drugo prattles “This is Gongo” Gil asks Drugo to stop party but Drugo just shouts “ that’s who offends the people!!!”. Gil gets fed up with the two drunkards and sneaks away to escape them. When he is out of sight Brandybottle shouts out loud:”Gongo is quit tall for a halfling girl”.

Timo uses the morning hours to look for some fine ink to inscribe the new spells in his spellbook he could decipher from the burned spellbook donated by Elmat. Luckily Timo meets an old scribe who could sell him some fine ink and a feather. Unfortunately the old man is a chatterbox and so Timo has to stay for one hour at his house and has to listen to his stories until his ears become red. But the scribe tells him that Clio the priest of Justitia has incense and a brazier [breɪʒər] to performe the nesessary rituals for inscribing the spells.

For lunch all visit Clio. After telling all about their adventures to priest of Justitia , Gil asks her about the hags and the protection spells. Clio tells them that the nature of the hags is still quit unknown because of lack of eye-witness accounts. But old books tell that the hags are emanated from souls of tortured women. The increasing number of hags supports this theory because in warland and by invasion of Dragon Empire the number of disrupted female souls increased indeed. The weak point of these abominations is unknown yet too, but magical or silvered weapons and spells seem to be the only way to harm them. The protection spells of Justitia’s priest against the hags are quit advanced magic that is only taught followers of the goddess. But they could use the tokens of the guardian for unseen traveling. When Gil tells her their plan to go back to Hommlet Clio asks them to collect information about their old friends. She also reminds the fellowship that they have the two orc stones with three holes in it, which open a two-way communication and are therefor very powerful magical items.
Timo asks Clio for incense and her brassiere [brəˈzɪər] to perform the inscribing ritual. Clio first is puzzled by Timo’s question for her underwear but then realizes the pronuncition misstake and allows him for some gold to use her incense and brazier.
So Timo starts to inscribe “Find familiar” and “Chromatic Orb”. A task that takes the next two days. After the first day he enters the tavern with Echo on his shoulder. He cast the spirit in owl shape by “Find familiar”. John goes again to the blacksmith to produce 5 silver arrows.

Gil descides to visit the abandonded Hallowbrook. He hops to find some information about his family because this is the last spot they visited befor leaving Morrain with unknown destination. The buildings of the city are partial collapsed, but in a better shape than expected. Even some animals reconquer the ruins. On the market square Gil sees the three five petrified founding fathers of the town. Gil gets a strong obressing feeling, so he leaves soon without information about his family. When he reaches again at Clio’s and tells her about his investigations in Hallowbrook, she remembers that Ethremil, Gil’s father, visited her before leaving and handed a tube sealed with wax to her. She passes the tube to Gil and repeats Ethremil’s words:”I am leaving for ever. If you will meet my son Gil some day hand this to him.” Gil is visibly touched by the words of his father. He thanks Clio and leaves to read the message of his father. In the message Ethremil tells Gil that he left the court of the king, because his position was weakened considerably. He thanks his son Gil for saving his beloved daughter Lorelei twice. First time Gil protected her from being send to the Tomb of the Ancient Warchief by volunteer for this task. Second time he rescued her from the prison of Lord Garenburg.
So finally Ethermil restored Gil’s position as his son- better late than never



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