Fellowship of the Goose

Better Dryads than Druids

After travelling in time (fifteen years forward in one night) and space (from Leavendale to the Ashwood forest), having encountered dire hedgehogs, orc wariors, chimeras, trolls, and not-so-friendly druids which are not accustomed to share information, the Fellows of the Goose learn the source of the orc commotion: they are apparently lead by restless evil spirits which dwell in the Ashwood Cleft.

So the characters gathered the leaves of a mind-shielding plant and marched on, to the cleft. The unexpected encounter with will-o’-the-wisps slowed them down but not too much, as they felt charged with new powers and renewed energy.

As they reached a clearing, they were approached by dryads, much more pleasant conversation partners than druids, which explained clearly (at last) the situation at hand. The old resting place of the ancient archdruid, turned into a graveyard later on, has been tainted with unbalance and torment. Moreover, this happened recently, after another group of humanoid characters crossed the cleft area, some months ago. Maybe Alfrond and his gang? (this surely reminds me of what happened in the sacred grove near Cillamar).

Anyhow. The fellows delved in the cleft, where they were met by a restless ghost of somebody buried there. Braenn’s faith was able to turn the spirit away, hopefully (but not likely) not to come back. The first of three larger tombs was visited but not tampered with by the previous adventuring party, their tracks lead to the second tomb, and the Fellows are just about to open its entrance…



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