Fellowship of the Goose

A Tale of Imaginary Goblins


After having arrived on the island, the group started to explore. Where there was sand they found tracks left by amphibians of various size. When they followed the tracks, they found they led to a thicket covering the base of the central rock massif.

They were suspecting goblins hiding there. The imaginary goblins assured them that they were not there. After further discussion they decided to not explore the thicket to avoid running into imaginary goblins.

Instead they decided to make camp under an overhang. During the night they heard noises from the direction of the thicket, like something dragging itself across the beach. Drugo, Gil and Timo went to investigate. John stayed with Braenn at the campsite.

When they inspected the thicket something had just rustled the bushes. The imaginary goblins assured everyone it wasn’t them, honestly!

Being several hundred meters away they did not notice that something was creeping up on the campsite. John noticed the strange frogmen just in time to actually do something about them. One knocked Braenn out and tried dragging her away, and one put himself in between John and the one dragging Braenn. The half-plated warrior bull-rushed through the obstacle and hit the frogman, but acidic mucus from the pustules splattered over both John and Braenn.

He managed to kill two, but the third one kicked over the fire, setting the campsite ablaze. All kinds of camping gear and additional provisions took fire, especially John’s lantern oil. The creature got away, because the heavy armor was enough of an impediment to make sure that the Ram Knight couldn’t catch up.

The imaginary goblins sniggered.

Braenn brought some healing, and the night brought some uneasy rest. Breakfast was half-rations thanks to the courtesy of the late Bambi. With growling stomachs the party decided to ascend the cliffs from the more accessible side, and Gil climbed ahead, hammering iron spikes into the wall.

They found an entrance with traces of guano. The goblins denied having ever had anything to do with that, like ever! They climbed down and ignored the branching side tunnel. Gil fell down a trapdoor and into the middle of slimy tentacle weeds trying to suck his very elven blood out. John threw a burning torch after him, killing the weeds. The goblins started to get the popcorn out. This promised to be fun!

Descending further into the cave, there was a close inspection of the quality of the stonemasonry when stairs were found. Too bad such attention to detail wasn’t given to the carpentry of a rotten ladder, which collapsed with Gildorel on it. They spent their last piece of rope making that descent.

They found a deadend. They sent Drugo crawling on his belly to scout for traps, none were found. Checking the walls Gil found a crudely hidden door, which was stuck. John tried to force it open by slamming into it with a running start. The door tumbled into the gaping darkness below, but through sheer luck John kept his balance and did not tumble after it to death. The goblins probably exchanged money from bets at this point, but nobody was paying them attention.

The vertical shaft vanished into the darkness above and below. They thought of flight, but Rosencrantz had joined the goblins for a card game and was hence unavailable. Gil’s magical abilities were brought up, but he refused to involve the non-demon prince of elemental winds… until John offered throwing Gil down to the shaft to strengthen his resolve. The mighty patron was called, insisting on his non-demonic nature, and left with two debts he intends to call in later. And they all gently floated down to the next ledge, about 40 feet below.

There they found a very… interesting cave with rather… graphic depictions. The goblins didn’t dare look… But Gil did, apparently inspired by the perverted brushwork. The party decided to go looking elsewhere instead, and especially not to look back.

When trying to cross to the next-lower shaft, Gil fell into the water and was promptly attacked by frogmen. John decided he could not intervene, given the current market prices for javelins you could not retrieve vs. the market prices of elves, which apparently can be rerolled for free… In the end, Gil’s magic saved his elven butt, and so did the Choking Cloud Timo sent.

They made it to the final ledge, and carefully crossed a rickety bridge. The elven safety inspector had used his carpentry expertise to ensure safe passage. They found a cave, iiluminated by pulsating purple-ish light from a strange stone. And four life-like and mostly naked statues next to it.

This surprised even the goblins who had been to distracted by their game. The goose could bluff like hell!


Ideas I think we should consider regarding our current petrifying situation:

1) We should start writing a log of all our attempts towards this stone. And keep it within the pocket space. This way, if we fail, whoever will find us in the next 500 years will have the information on what we tried and failed, and maybe save us. Hopefully the pocket space stops the flow of time for objects inside.

2) Braenn might try her cleansing ritual on the pillar, altghough it might be completely useless.

3) We might try to explore the rest of the dungeon. Maybe we missed a pivotal piece of information.

Also something that made me think: were the frogmen all males? If that is the case, could they be the male versions of the swamp daughters? Or better, they could be what the males have been transformed into. I am saying this because they were trying explicitly to capture Braenn, our only female adventurer, maybe they need to reproduce or something.

A Tale of Imaginary Goblins

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