Fellowship of the Goose

Season finale: the sacrifice
Too big a grief can only be paid in ultimate price

The Magellan-shaped ooze attacks the Fellowship, promptly. “Traitors! You let me here to die!!” it moans. It reveals soon to be a tough opponent, by unleashing force darts powered by magical energy onto the adventurers, and slamming them with corroding tendrils of gooey matter. The fellows are veteran warriors now, though, and they are not intimidated by their enemy. They surround the creature, spreading the monster’s offence, and strike it down until it melts into a shapeless blob.

The company discovers a partially-collapsed tunnel leading out of the chamber, and notice amidst the rubble sparkling, eye-catchy valuables. Indeed at last, after 15 years, they found the prized treasure of the ancient war chief. A meager consolation to find it now, without a village to save anymore… but, oh well, shinies are shinies after all. After having patched up their wounds and dug out the treasure, they move on inside the tunnel, to discover an even more ancient complex of dwarven underground architecture. The passage leads them shortly into a subterranean vault, a dome filled of bookshelves, alchemical tables, and every other kind magic practice appliances. The heroes adventure in the vault, until their advance are stopped by an invisible force wall. Carefully writing at a desk facing the entrance, sits a woman of familiar appearance. She slowly ends the sentence, and without putting down the quill, she raises her face from the tome, looking at the fellows with deep, wise eyes. There are no more doubts about her identity.

" Ambrose ", say the fellows, “Long time have we searched for you. And you left us signs to find you here. It is high time we talk”. “Indeed it is”, answered the lady wizard “and it took you long enough. Let us talk”. It is so that the fellowship could confirm and puzzle together the clues related to the travels of Alfrond Ravenflight and his gang: the subtle mental influence the old wizard had on Ambrose, the murders they committed, the theft of the druid staff in Ashwood and imprisonment of the nature spirit, until that last moment when the old mage wanted to collect the blood and the soul of a young female elf. That was the last drop of evil that Ambrose could endure from his teacher. He snapped out of the mental control and murdered him at that time. “Alfred never worried about me turning on him”, he confesses to the fellows, “he never saw it coming. I guess that was the last (and maybe the first) of his mistakes.”

The fellows have a minute to finally discover Ambrose for who he is now. A troubled character, his mind half broken from the long years of mental enslavement Alfrond imposed on him, his soul torn apart with guilt and grief for all the pain he inflicted during the long years in service to the villainous magician… and maybe even prior to that.

The PCs share their adventures with him afterwards. He looks extremely interested about their space-time travel accident, and his/her eyes glow when they mention that they wish to go back to their original timeline and fix the problems afflicting this era at their origin: the fall of Morrain, the rise of goddess Nemesis, the Dragon Empire invasion. “A backwards time travel could be arranged with the knowledge I inherited from Alfrond”, claims Ambrose, his words shaking the hearts of the fellows with hope “but the ultimate price has to be paid: a self-aware soul has to be given up for the time to rewind itself.” A moment is given to the fellows to ponder about this fee, before Ambrose continues: “As a matter of fact, I myself am willing to pay this price for you. It is the least I could to to amend the deeds I inflicted upon these lands”. By these last words, the fellows realise of how much guilt and pain the wizard is living through. It is without grudge, but with acceptance, that they accept the conditions posed by Ambrose, and thus they prepare for the magic ritual.

Magic envelops them, and again they find themselves swimming among the folds of space and time. A floating window opens to a space they cannot reach: Ambrose is on the other side confessing to them: “I apologise. I lied to you about the soul sacrifice. That is not really a requirement for the spell. But after what I plan to do the outcome will be the same. Goodbye fellows”. Then a scene materialises behind the window: a scene from their past. A younger Ambrose and the blond girl Merigold are fighting in a underground chamber, their minds berserk, their crowbars clashing in the dark. As Merigold loses balance and young Ambrose is about to split her blonde head open, a older version of him appears behind him, and slightly pushes his arm into missing the maiden. She quickly rises up and kills the young man. Older Ambrose vanishes into nothing.

Time accelerates beyond the small window, and the fellows catch flashes, glimpses of times to come. They see Marigold, after the raid at the tomb, leaving Hommlet while feeling guilty about killing Ambrose. They spot her living in a lonely house among the mountains. They notice her getting pregnant by a traveller, and raising two children (could their names be Ambrose and Ambrosia?). They see these children grow strong, reach adulthood and leave their mother several years later to find their own path in the world. In a new world. But what world will that be, wonder the fellows?

No answer is given while the darkness embraces them and the curtain falls.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Leaving the room with the cursed spears behind the fellowship of the goose reached a partial collapsed sector, but someone had cleaned the main tunnel from the gravel. Behind this obstacle a spiral staircase was leading down deeper into the darkness. At the bottom they entered the chamber where they had fought the skeletons during the first exploration. But the remains were gone and instead four muscular humanoid corpses in chainmail lay in front of the exit. “Oh, it’s safe” said Gil and walk in the direction of the dead bodies. When Gil tried to pass them one arm grabbed his belt and all corpses rose up. With her holy symbol Braenn banned the undead. Three of them fled into the next chamber, only the one attached to Gil’s belt didn’t escape. After a short struggle Gil freed himself by undressing his belt. Swinging a morning star in one hand and Gil’s belt in the other hand the zombie attacked the group. A hard combat later the monster was hacked into pieces, but all fellows had suffered during the fight. So they decided to use a better tactic against the remaining undead. In the narrow tunnel connecting this room with the next one they wanted to fight their enemies one by one. John ‘the tank’ blocked the tunnel with his body and shield while Timo, Braenn and Gil used their cantrips and spells for attacking. Their plan really worked well, but after the first undead went down the two others departed out of sight. So John walked into the next room. Immediately after stepping out of the tunnel, two morning stars hit the fighter. The zombies had just hidden behind the corner. Overwhelmed by two opponents John only could step back and dodge. After the undead were hit with some spells and bolts they suddenly retreated deeper into the chamber. A metallic clicking alarmed the team when entering the room. A four feet tall Halfling-like creature was standing in the middle of the room. It was covered in cooper bars. Each of its two arms ended in one dagger blade. With a single crystal focus on his forehead the being was searching the area. Gil recognized the monster from descriptions; it was a magic abomination of Gornum- the Halfling assassin. The two remaining zombies hid in the shadows behind Gornum. The fight started, but Braenn, Timo, Gil and John were affected by the magical eye. The frightening aura paralyzed everybody looking into it. Timo even lost control over his body and ran away. John noticed that this effect was based on vision and did a blind attack but missed the target. Then John had an idea, he took his last bottle of lantern oil and smashed it on Gornum’s head. The crystal was completely spilled with the opaque liquid. This maneuver disabled the magic power of the Halfling. Timo who had recovered control over his body again shapeshifted into a tiger. With claws and teeth he broke the crystal. In the moment it was destroyed Gornum’s lifeless body fell to the ground. With Gornum’s death the necromantic spell ended and the two remaining undead turned into lifeless corpses again. John collected the pieces of the crystal and after a short rest the group continued the journey. In the next chamber the path was splitting. One way passed through the magic arc where Ambrose had killed Marigold and second exit lead to the room with the fountain and the horizontal shaft. They entered the chamber with the fountain and the shaft. Braenn investigated the shaft and noticed some tracks in the dust. So they climbed into the dark hole; Drugo and Magellan had vanished fifteen years ago but only Drugo had returned. After some meters of crawling the shaft ended in a circular room. On the other side of the room they spot a big black opening in the wall. In the middle of the room the floor was covered with slimy moos. After entering the room the moos started to move. It swelled and finally got the shape of a six-feet tall cone. Two humanoid arms and a head with elven ears popped out at the top of the cone. When the face turned into their direction they recognized it – it was Magellan. “I will never say something homophobic” promised Gil when Magellan’s cold and magical gleaming eyes touch him. “You left me her to die!” shouted Magellan’s corpse. When the slimy plant slid in the direction of the group, John lost his nerve and fired one silvered arrow at it. The thing was hardly injured but magical revived Magellan attacked the fellowship with spells. During combat the group noticed that the weak point of the plant was fire. Timo cast ‘Faerie Fire’ and John got ready for the final strike…
…to be continued

A revival

Three days of travelling beside the road passed without any events. At dusk the group reached the border of civilization and camped in a forest populated by an unusual high number of animals. Refreshed by a night’s rest the fellowship made it to the valley of Hommlet until noon of the next day. Clouds of thick fog blocked the view on the hometown of Braenn, Drugo, Gildorel and John. But they knew the land like the back of their hands, so it wasn’t too difficult for the outlander John to find a path leading in the direction of Hommlet. “Why can’t we see the lights from the village” asked Timo at nightfall. And Timo was right, they were close to Hommlet. Minutes later the ruins of a building appeared in the mist. When approaching they noticed that the building was completely destroyed. It seemed like the house burned down some month ago. They hurried to the spot where they expected the next building, but there was only a heap of burned stones. Step by step they discovered that the entire village was burned to the ground. When they reached the main square of the village they saw that only one building was intact- the granary. And the granary was even filled with tons of crop and flour. A real feast for the rats and mice!! Timo, who feared an ambush, left the building and cast ‘detect magic’. When he looked in the direction of the granary the glow of the magic object nearly blinded him. The inside was glowing even brighter by the spell.” This all is a mighty illusion to disguise the true state of the building” told Timo to the others. “So Ambrose was here and did this all. Maybe something important is hidden by the illusion” proposed Gil. So they started to explore the granary. Suddenly Gil lost the solid ground under one foot. With the bare eye the floor seemed solid at this spot. Timo examined the area with John’s quarterstaff and noticed that there was an invisible hole in the floor. With his magical rope Gil found out that the pit was about 6 feet deep and large enough for a man to climb down. He commanded his magic rope to tie around a pole. When he started to climb down and pulled with all his weight at the rope the pole cracked and fell into the invisible hole. Only Gil’s quick reactions saved him from falling into the pit too. After recovering from the shock, Gil commanded his magical rope to stand vertical and climbed it down. The hole lead to a 6 feet high chamber below the granary. The floor was flooded with cold and rotten water. When Gil looked up he noticed that the illusion not worked from below. So he now not only saw the hole he climbed through but although many holes around it. When Gil told the others about the chamber Braenn climbed down and joined him. Together they walked through the stinking water and examined the walls and floor for hidden doors. There was nothing, but Braenn found two human skeletons in the water. With her medicine skills she was able to determine the cause of death: falling roof tiles broke the skulls of the two persons. They salvaged the skeletons to burry them in a proper way. On their way out of the building, John and Braenn broke through the floor and fell in the water below. With the magical rope Braenn and John were rescued unharmed. Outside the granary a cold and foggy night started. So they build up a camp between two standing walls. Drugo lit a fire and they dried the wet clothes. For sure Braenn in the dress Ildavir made her got some glances from her companions, especially from Gil.

Braenn decided to use her spiritual powers and speak with one of the skeletons. John gave her his long black travelling cloak, as robe for the ritual. Braenn wore it on her bare skin and covered her head with the hood. Some ash from the fire served her as makeup. When midnight came Braenn put some herbs in the fire and the necromancy started. First she asked the skeleton about the circumstances of the destruction of Hommlet. The skull opened its mouth and told her that slavers from the north burned everything down. The skeleton denied Braenn’s question about a mighty wizard among the attackers. It told Braenn that the slavers destroyed the village 10 years 3 month and 7 days after the legendary raid of the ‘Tomb of the Ancient Warchief ’. So it happened five years ago. Finally Braenn asked about the man’s fate. So the skeleton told the fellows, that he was hiding in the roof when the slavers arrived in Hommlet. But this hiding place was a deadly trap when the intruders set fire to the house. So he died a cruel death in the flames.

After the ritual Braenn fell asleep. Suddenly she found herself in a dark void. Only the voice of mother Elviet spoke to her and told her that the restless souls of the villagers were still out there. She asked Braenn to burry the bodies to free the souls. A shaking woke Braenn up; Gil was standing beside her and told her that it was time for her shift.

The next morning all helped together to find and salvage the mortal remains. With an improvised bier pulled by the mules the fifteen skeletons were transported to the graveyard. Braenn could identify the homekeeper of Gildorel’s childhood home and two other persons in their age by the bones. They were buried individual, for the other skeletons John dug a common grave. After speaking some prayers, the group returned to the main square of the village. In front of the granary Braenn raised her hand and spoke the magic word. With a blast of magic power the illusion was dispelled. The fog vanished and in the sunlight they saw that from the granary only the woodwork was standing. “Oh this was a mighty illusion that we not even felt the cold wind inside” wondered Gil himself.

The fellowship stayed another freezing cold and starlit night in the ruins of Hommlet. Early in the next morning they departed to the ‘Tomb of the Ancient Warchief’. On the way Braenn spotted tracks from people passing by. Until midday they reached the entrance of the tomb. It was still looking similar to their memories. They removed the saddles from the mules and the donkey and let the animals brows. “Here the first of our companions died” told Gil to Timo and pointed on a large stone slab at the entrance. “He tried to open the tomb with his crowbar and succeeded, but was struck dead by the falling stone slap. We barley knew the dwarf, not even his name. May he rest in pieces …..ahm peace”. In this moment the stone slab started to move. It was raised up and tipped over. John pulled it up with all his strength while someone pulled it in the opposite direction from the other side. ”I am back” screamed a gruff voice from the inside of the tomb. “Help me” shouted John, when he noticed that his opponent was quit strong too. Timo was the first to react. His clever idea was to use the ‘Grease’ spell. He made the area on the other side of the stone slab slippery, so the person on this side lost its footing. John pulled for a last time and the stone slab fall over and buried the creature on the other side. Only a gray and rotten hand with twenty centimeter long fingernails was visible under the slap. They all walked over the stone slab and entered the tomb. When Timo passed the hand he screamed in a quite female way, because he thought that the hand had moved, but the others saw nothing special about it. In the tomb was no dust on the floor. Therefore Timo used his ‘detect magic’ spell. He saw nothing special, but noticed a glowing area on the floor behind the trap door in the first chamber. With an improvised bridge, made of Gil’s magical rope, they crossed the pit of the trap door and the glowing area. Gil ignored all the warnings from his friends and put his face into the magic area. It disappeared and reappeared seconds later unmodified but with a frightened look. “This is another illusion. Down there is a groundless abyss”. ”Luck for you that you didn’t fall into it. Just in chase ‘Featherfall’ isn’t useless at all” said John with a smirk. In the next chamber some spears lay on a desk. Timo noticed that they were enchanted with a transmutation spell. Above the desk a fresco decorated the celling. It showed a woman with little cloth touching on of the spears. Her face was unnaturally disfigured. There was no doubt, the fresco showed Braenn touching one of the cursed spears during the first exploration of the tomb. So Ambrose made it. He was here. What was his plan and what will await the fellowship of the goose deeper in the tomb.

Treat it with fire!

After escaping from the cave due to Braenn’s silence spell, team regrouped in the tunnel. A sever discussion about the next steps started. John proposed to bait the monsters to the small entrance of the cave. Drugo and Timo disagreed with this tactic, because they feared that the monsters could outrun them and perhaps even could escape from the tunnel system. Timo suggested not to do hack and slay but to use stealth for further exploration. All except John agreed in this strategy. Timo first wanted to get rid of John’s disgusting smell. Therefore he started to cast water, but stopped before finishing because the small amount of water created by the spell only would blur the dirt covering John. With “Prestidigitation” he progressively cleaned John, but for sensible nose his stink wasn’t gone at all. Using capital eta formation the fellowship entered the cave and sneaked along the western wall. After about ten minutes of march Drugo, who was in front spotted a greenish glow in a distance of about 60 feet. The group stopped to have a closer look. In the silence of their rest a clicking noise was in evidence. This sound reminded Drugo of a beast with claws walking on the floor. Alarmed by this noise they continued the walk along the wall without approaching to the mysterious light. A short time later they noticed a heap on the floor. Sneaking closer they saw that the heap was a corpse. The naked humanoid creature lay face down and a big black beetle scampered over its back, but vanished in the shadow when the light cone of John’s torch reached the corpse. Braenn and John examined the body. It was a male dwarf (clearly visible by the genitals) with pale skin color. They assumed that the dwarf had lived long time beneath the earth far away from sun light. He had died less than tree days ago by a deep wound caused by claws. It seemed like someone else with more human like hands undressed him post mortem, maybe one of his companions. This person had also removed his shoes, but the size of the feet fit to the footprints of the heavy boots. Surrounded by darkness and danger they left the dwarf unburied and kept on sneaking along the cave wall. Some minutes later another heap appeared in field of view. It was the corpse of a birdlike creature with clawed hands and feet. With her medicine skill Braenn was able to detect that the monster had been killed with a slashing weapon like an axe. Therefore she assumed that the dwarf had killed the beast, but had received deadly injury during the fight. Supposing to be on the right way they continued the exploration. Ten minutes of walking later the wall of the cave turned eastward. Drugo was the first to hear the clicking noise. Something was approaching. They got ready for fight. John threw his torch to the floor to have both hands for fight. Seconds later six slater-like creatures with a chitin armature and antennas creped out of the shadow. Timo entangled two of the beasts with magic. Braenn fired a magic flame on the antennas of the creature just in front of her. But then something strange happened. When John swung his sword to kill one of the monsters he got the feeling that “Akatosh” his weapon was afraid. He never had had such a feeling before. Therefore he put the sword back and attacked the creatures with his longbow. A second later he understood why his sword was frightened by these beings. When Drugo hit one of the antennas with his axe it instantaneously rusted. In this moment Timo got an idea about that abomination of nature and shouted:” Treat it with fire!” Drugo reacted quickly and took the torch from the floor. With this improvised weapon he dealt serious damage to the beasts engaged with him. The walking tin can John attracted the attention of the creatures like a magnet. With their antennas they rusted half of John’s shield and some parts of his armor. Really angry about the damage of his armor John beat’em up with his staff. Timo, who ran out of spells, used his druidic power and transformed into a tiger. With sharp claws and fangs he mauled the enemies. When only one opponent was standing, Drugo rushed to him, swinging the torch ready for the death blow. John wanted to get the finisher and fired his bow, but the arrow hit Drugo instead of the monster. Seriously injured Halfling killed the monster with his torch. After this exhausting fight they decided to return to world above the earth. On their way back they passed the greenish glow again. They went closer to it. The light was emitted by green luminous moss. These plants grew around a blue shimmering pool. When approaching to 30 feet Drugo spotted a small creeping creature. The other didn’t notice it, but Braenn heard a lot of whispering voices. “Take me with you” whispered something in John’s ear. When he turned around to Timo, he saw that two horns grew out of the forehead of his companion. Timo realized that something was wrong with his friends and guided them back to the entrance of the cave.

Let's poke the pile of garbage, what can possibly go wrong there?

After a restful night at the Inn, the Fellowship of the Goose decided to explore the tunnels, in search for more clues about the mysterious (and rude) pale elf that they previously encountered. After asking Macario to guard the trap door, and leaving behind a suddenly ill Gildorel, the Fellowship goes down. Braenn assessed the entrance area, covered by the bones of thousands of unfortunate little animals, and found no tracks to the east. It was decided to follow the route they explored previously, leading to the round room where the Roper used to live. After a long discussion, it was decided to move to the unexplored east corridor.

The corridor turned east-north, and opened to a chamber. In the middle, there was a pile of garbage. First, Timo poked it with the staff, and Braenn determined that the bones in it were not humanoid… then, Drugo heard a magical whispering. The pile of garbage concealed a snake skeleton. The creature charmed John and attacked the rest of the party. After a couple of lightning bolts, Braenn and Timo fell unconscious. Upon witnessing his comrades falling, John snapped out of the charm and took them away from the battle. Drugo, enraged, stayed to fight the creature. Unfortunately the undead snake paralyzed him with its unknown abilities. John managed to stabilize Braenn, and she healed Timo. After the party defeated the creature, John looted the pile of garbage, gaining some coins and a really foul smell.

The party continued towards the tunnel, where Drugo barely escaped from a bear trap. Upon examination, the party finds that it is a fairly new instrument, and concluded that it was set up there recently. After walking the same passage for a short time, they found big boot prints, that seem to belong to a set of shoes with big nails. These footprints followed later to a hole in the northern wall of the tunnel. Drugo went alone inside the tunnel, to scout. He found that after 15 feet there was a natural-looking cavern, where he heard dripping water. The cave seemed huge, and it stretched towards the north and the east. Oddly, the entrance from the tunnel, more than having been constructed, seems to have been made by pushing aside the earth with a great force. This entrance seemed really compact and solid. The footprints disappear after this entrance.

Drugo explored a part of the cave, taking with him the communication stone. This allowed him to call the rest party, when a seemingly normal stalactite fell and attacked him. Similar creatures attacked the party, inflicting light wounds to Drugo and Timo.

Exploring further towards the northern side of the cave, the party found a cave wall. Timo wanted to cast “Detect Magic” as a ritual, and Braenn wanted to cast “Augury”. While John stayed with them mounting guard, Drugo explored the cave further. The party was then surprised by an attack from tentacled creatures. After extensive use of their resources, the Fellows defeated them… but they were not alone. Something was lurking in the dark, which had a high-pitched voice. Braenn casted silence, which effectively hid the party from those creatures. The Fellowship sneaked out of the cave, in order to gather their strength, to continue exploring.

Sand in gear

After defeating the horrible monster of the depth the group continued the exploration of Hallowbrook’s underground.

A short march later they reached a fork. One way was marked with a skeleton, the second one, leading westward was untagged. Therefor Gil volunteered for scouting this path. He asked Braenn for her magical maze to illuminate his way. Timo, Drugo, Braenn and John just saw the light disappearing in the distance and then waited for their elven friend to come back and inform them about the tunnel. After a while they heard a plopping noise. Afterward all was covered in silence – deathly silence. Timo a real friend couldn’t wait any longer and started to run deeper into the tunnel. Of course the others followed him and so the whole team run into the darkness. After half a mile Gil was still out of sight. “He couldn’t make it so far, so were is he?” was the question rattling through all minds. Braenn, with her keen senses for nature, noticed the pit of quicksand just the moment before stepping into it. So this was the answer to the question where Gil had vanished. But they had to act quick to save him from suffocation. Brave Braenn asked John for the rope, tied one end around her waist and dived into the quicksand. A hand was touching her and finally grabed her ear. When John noticed the struggling in the sand he pulled the rope. Some seconds later Braenn reapeared at the surface with Gil dangling from her ear. After catching breath again, John investigated the size of the quicksand pit. Therefor he knotted all the ropes together and tied the cooking kettel at one end. By throwing it as far as he could and drawing the kettel back until it started to sink in the sand he estimated the size of the pit to about 10 feet (3 meters). Braenn drew the scratch line and the broad jump began. Luckily all made it.

Some turns later they reached a huge round cave with the ceiling even for Gil’s elven eyes out of sight. The room was dominated by a throny black stone pillar in the middle growing from the floor up to limit of visibility in the darkness above their heads. Gil with the eye of a stonemason noticed that the material looked similar to the material of the five petrified founding fathers in Hallowbrook, but in contrast it was not coverd with petrified drops. The black stone pillar attraced the attention of the wizard Tim, too. He was able to detect that it had been enchanted by magical school of necromancy or transmutation. So this place perhaps had served for some rituals.Three tunnels left the cave in different directions.

They waryliy crossed the room and continued the investigation in the tunnel leading westwards. On both sides small chambers branched off. These chambers contained rotten and decomposed human remainings, so this chambers perhaps had served as refuge for the villager of Old Hallowbrook.

After passing 57 chambers the tunnel spiraled. Behind a turn the tunnel was collapsed and blocked by a barricade of stones and rubble that didn’t look solid. But how to remove the baricade without beeing struck to death by falling stones? Gil with his stonemasen skill spotted that especially one big block in the middle was loose. He digged it out a bit and they fixed a long rope around it. From relativly safe distance Gil, Braenn and John removed the stone by pulling the rope. When dust had setteled they saw that a halfling sized hole was in the barricade. Drugo crawled in the hole. After return he told that the hole lead to the earth surface, somewhere in the forest. While the others had a short rest Braenn passed the hole and explored the surface area a bit. After following a small path up to a hilltop, she saw that they were on the westside of Old Hallowbrook. Behind Old Hallowbrook, at the horizon coloured clouds whirled in the sky above New Hollowbruck and sometimes lights flashed up. Beneath this there was no hint about the situation of the villagers.

Will the fellowship of the goose be able to stop the coven and save the people from the troubles they caused?

Better late than never

After chasing Macario for days in the wilderness and their unexpected reunion in the pub of the new village in vicinity to Hallowbrook, they first enjoy a round of beer together. Alcohol soon initiates an active talk and so Macario tells his old friends from his involuntary journey with Alfrond Ravenflight, Ambrose and six merchants. First the merchants were stitched with gold later evil corrupted their souls and bonded them to the group. On their tour through Morrain all looked for some special kind of ingredients like the Archdruid’s staff for a powerful witchcraft. Even uninitiated Macario noticed that Alfrond and Ambrose were planing something, something that was worth to kill. Murdering indeed was Gornum‘s business. The nasty halfling assassin treated Macario in a bad way but Ambrose cared for him. In some nights he even talked to him, but in a weird way with a strange flickering in his eyes. When they reached the burned down Anseur Forest and met Lorelei Alfrond had gladly told Ambrose: “So we will get two ingredients at once the heart of a virgin and…” but his joy lasted only for a short while because Ambrose protected his first love by backstabbing the wizard. After killing Alfrond Ambrose freed Macario. The ropemaker walked through this dangerous region still protected by Alfrond’s spells. So he reached the village without any incidents with the hags. When Gil asks Macario for his future plans he just smiles at the buxom woman behind the bar and tells the group that he would marry the girl and would stay in this safe village. After a short while John orders a room with a bed without flea and leaves the group for a long and undisturbed night rest. Timo orders a big meal for supper, but he has to share it with Drugo the insatiable halfling. Macario asks if the team would like to taste the specialty of the house and of course they want. So the busty bar maid brings Drugo,Gil and Braenn some jars. The drink tastes like apple juice but seems to be strong….A loud quarrel wakes John up in the next morning. In the corridor he recognizes the source of the noise: Timo felt down from the cupboard where he slept off his drunk. The others aren’t in a better shape. Drugo and Gil lie together in a bed while Braenn finds herself below the bed. After a short discussion if Clio joined them the night before or if the meeting would take place today, Macario tells them that Clio invited them for lunch. So there is still time for getting sober and for some investigations of the village. The bar maid offers them a breakfast with eggs but the fellows choose instead Timo’s Goodberries for hangover breakfast. Only Braenn decides to stay the morning in tavern and to have breakfast with eggs.

John goes to the blacksmith of town. The forge uses water power and is for the village size unexpected large. The smith is really glad that John gives him the rare job to repair his half plate.

Drugo first visits the leather worker of the town. In the beginning he talks with his colleague about business. The leather worker tells him about his special offer of slim fit nighttime dress made from black leather, that makes the people behave like animals. Drugo indeed isn’t interested in such fetish stuff, but he got a new black leather cloak. When he tries the cloak he notices that his leather armor hinders his movements and doesn’t offer him additional protection. Therefore he sells the used armor to the leather worker. During their deal Drugo notices the familiar accent of the leather worker and therefore asks him about his hometown. The leather worker sadly answers that he originally comes from Cillamar, but the city was burned to the ground by the dragon of the Dragon Empire.
After his conversation and deal with the leather worker Drugo visits the distiller of town, a halfling fellow called Ervin Brandybottle. The shop is quite easy to spot by the evaporating alcoholic fumes. Brandybottle a red nose guy sits with a bottle under his arm in front of the building. He asks Drugo for his name. When Drugo introduces himself Ervin shouts:” A Silkfinger, the Silkfingers are known out through whole south of Morrain to be a worse family!” With his charm and his luck Drugo convinces Brandybottle to share some of his schnapps with him. After the first bottle they make friends and argue heatedly who’s family is worst “Silkbottle” or “Brandyfinger”

Gil in the meantime crafts a clay model of the the “Guardian of the forest”. When he burns it in an oven he hears a loud quarrel. He goes closer and finds Drugo and Ervin sitting in front of distillery, surrounded by empty bottles. When Brandybottle asks “Who is this?” Drugo prattles “This is Gongo” Gil asks Drugo to stop party but Drugo just shouts “ that’s who offends the people!!!”. Gil gets fed up with the two drunkards and sneaks away to escape them. When he is out of sight Brandybottle shouts out loud:”Gongo is quit tall for a halfling girl”.

Timo uses the morning hours to look for some fine ink to inscribe the new spells in his spellbook he could decipher from the burned spellbook donated by Elmat. Luckily Timo meets an old scribe who could sell him some fine ink and a feather. Unfortunately the old man is a chatterbox and so Timo has to stay for one hour at his house and has to listen to his stories until his ears become red. But the scribe tells him that Clio the priest of Justitia has incense and a brazier [breɪʒər] to performe the nesessary rituals for inscribing the spells.

For lunch all visit Clio. After telling all about their adventures to priest of Justitia , Gil asks her about the hags and the protection spells. Clio tells them that the nature of the hags is still quit unknown because of lack of eye-witness accounts. But old books tell that the hags are emanated from souls of tortured women. The increasing number of hags supports this theory because in warland and by invasion of Dragon Empire the number of disrupted female souls increased indeed. The weak point of these abominations is unknown yet too, but magical or silvered weapons and spells seem to be the only way to harm them. The protection spells of Justitia’s priest against the hags are quit advanced magic that is only taught followers of the goddess. But they could use the tokens of the guardian for unseen traveling. When Gil tells her their plan to go back to Hommlet Clio asks them to collect information about their old friends. She also reminds the fellowship that they have the two orc stones with three holes in it, which open a two-way communication and are therefor very powerful magical items.
Timo asks Clio for incense and her brassiere [brəˈzɪər] to perform the inscribing ritual. Clio first is puzzled by Timo’s question for her underwear but then realizes the pronuncition misstake and allows him for some gold to use her incense and brazier.
So Timo starts to inscribe “Find familiar” and “Chromatic Orb”. A task that takes the next two days. After the first day he enters the tavern with Echo on his shoulder. He cast the spirit in owl shape by “Find familiar”. John goes again to the blacksmith to produce 5 silver arrows.

Gil descides to visit the abandonded Hallowbrook. He hops to find some information about his family because this is the last spot they visited befor leaving Morrain with unknown destination. The buildings of the city are partial collapsed, but in a better shape than expected. Even some animals reconquer the ruins. On the market square Gil sees the three five petrified founding fathers of the town. Gil gets a strong obressing feeling, so he leaves soon without information about his family. When he reaches again at Clio’s and tells her about his investigations in Hallowbrook, she remembers that Ethremil, Gil’s father, visited her before leaving and handed a tube sealed with wax to her. She passes the tube to Gil and repeats Ethremil’s words:”I am leaving for ever. If you will meet my son Gil some day hand this to him.” Gil is visibly touched by the words of his father. He thanks Clio and leaves to read the message of his father. In the message Ethremil tells Gil that he left the court of the king, because his position was weakened considerably. He thanks his son Gil for saving his beloved daughter Lorelei twice. First time Gil protected her from being send to the Tomb of the Ancient Warchief by volunteer for this task. Second time he rescued her from the prison of Lord Garenburg.
So finally Ethermil restored Gil’s position as his son- better late than never

A merry rencounter
Love hurts

But in that very moment, Rosencrantz, flying by, finds a huge leather leash… could it be related to Macario? Gil is quit sure about it, so he tries to convince the rest of the group, especially John. After a short discussion they agree to follow Macario’s trace, at least for one day. This indeed is a hard job because Macario passed by weeks ago and the new Anseur forest overgrew the marks. But with Braenn’s and John’s survival skills and with Rosencrantz sense of smell they are able to follow some old traces, hopefully Macario’s. After some hours of march they even spot an old campground. For sure nothing indicates that Macario camped here, but with their six senses they clearly get the feeling to by on the right path.

After another hour of walking,when reaching the border of the forest a group of wood elves crosses their way. The group of male and females stops and speaks with Gil. They already know that the guardian was replanted and thank the fellowship of the goose for restoring the balance of nature again. The men are muscular soldiers wearing loincloth, while the graceful women cover their slim and tall bodies only with some feathers. John “the fallen Casanova“ at once tries to conquer the heart of one of the elven beauties. He picks up a flower, kneels down and whispers lover’s oath into the girl’s ear. The blond elven maid only has a gentle smile for John and then asks Gil what she should do with the crazy in love John. She says that typically the leader of the tribe would challenge John to a duel, but Gil appeases her with the permission to punish John in the proper way- but not to kill him. The elven girl decides that burned fingers are the best teacher for John and therefore kisses him on the cheek. After the kiss John walks on air, but he only stays in this mood for a moment because then the elven girls start to spank him. First John thinks that this is kind of elven amorous play, but when the elven girls beat the shit out of him, he notices that his efforts were total fail and only hurt the pride of the elven girls.

After this little incident with the wood elves the fellowship and completely exhausted John (three levels of exhaustion) keep on chasing Macario. In dusk they make camp on top of a hill with a lonely tree. When Gil keeps watch he spots a figure at the border of the forest – a little girl. He pretends not to notice it and when the child is close to the camp he jumps up and cast “Faerie fire”. Unfortunately he misfires. Without waking the rest of the group up, he is chasing the girl. Sometimes the girl seems to wait so he could close up the gap. By this strategy it lures Gil into a trap. After he entered the forest, the child turns around and “Faerie fires” back and attacks. By this unexpected attack Gil nearly goes down. Luckily Braenn notices that Gil is missing and wakes her fellows up. She could trace Gil with her sense for survival and finally finds him wounded and hard breathing. When Gil tells the story of the girl the whole team tries to spot it, but it mysteriously vanished without any traces. They return to the camp and a turbulent night begins…

In the land of dust

After various attempts at solving the windlord’s messenger riddle, Timo finally appeases his master’s desires. The wizard lets the phoenix feather burn, up to the point when a spark emerges from its ashes, from the spark a phoenix chick is born, which leaves a piece of fiery dung eiderdown on Timo’s hand. That appears to be the gift the windlord is willing to accept to restore the balance.

On their way back from the air temple, after having fire-wind-powered the acorn, the Fellows stop at the leprechaun’s, where Drugo barters some fairy gold coins in exchange for a goose-dance performance. After they return into the diamond-shaped earth temple, Drugo Gil focuses on his sorrows of the past, and is overcome by tears and sadness, but without losing his will. The earth lord is pleased by the gift of tears, to cool down his sorrow, and his messenger blesses the acorn and shares some precious wisdom with the Fellows.

Before heading back into the material plane, the Fellowship is approached by the messenger of the spirit lord, which gives them its final blessing and promises them safe passage through the face realms for their way back.

As the Fellowship steps through the portal, a wasteland of ashes and dust appears in from of them, grim and grey and dark. Gildorel hears a flute music coming from the top of a huge tree stump. Why, it is nobody else than his sister, Lorelei. After the initial surprise, she tells the Fellows that she decided to be alone in this wasteland rather than follow the elvenkind, recently departed from these lands after regrouping at the ruins of the old capital. In fact she was already here, broken, desperate, alone, when the traveling black mage Alfrond Ravenflight and his goons came to the wasteland.

“How lucky, we shall get two ingredient at once!” Muttered the evil magician at that time, the second ingredient being the broken heart of an elven maiden. As the villain approached the poor Lori, he was struck by a dagger, which pierced this torso all the way from back to front. “Enough. This is as far as I can stand.” Said Ambrose, wielding that very dagger, until Alfrond was just a lifeless corpse, lying in the dust. The gang then departed following Ambrose.

WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS !! The fellow then learns that Lorelei had, in fact, been the very first love of Ambrose when they were still in their small village Hommlet, this probably being the clue to explain Ambrose’s behaviour. What about the Fellowship’s quest now, after what happened? Gil thinks that nobody is safe until the dark ritual book is destroyed once and for all. But in the meanwhile, they have a Guardian to replant.

Lori guides the fellows to a hollow in the gargantuan stump, where there is but a patch of fresh soil. As Braenn plants the acorn in the ground, time lapses, and in a mere few second a newborn guardian grows in the spot, and a low-foliage young forest sprouts from the ground all around for miles and miles around. Even birds are soon joining the restored land. Moved to tears of joy, Lorelei decides to stay with the guardian to rebuild the Anseur forest anew, this time under a promise of balance and wilderness rather than one of civilisation and order. She will become a wood elf and be a warden of these lands, but she will always be a sister to Gil, and he will never stop caring.

It is now time to decide what is the next step in their quests, and Gil asks the fellow to dedicate one day to find clues on Ambrose’s gang’s whereabouts. But in that very moment, Rosencrantz, flying by, finds a huge leather leash… could it be related to Macario?


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